Summer is coming up really fast and lot of people are thinking about the activities that are going to be suitable for your relaxation and entertainment. If you are not working and usual places are not interesting anymore then you need to find something new. It is easier said than done as most people tend to have it hard to change their habits. It is even harder to start something new if you had been used to a routine trip every summer. It is more important to spend a quality holiday than taking snapchat and Instagram photos every single day of your vacation. You have to think of something new and try more things every day. The old same routine is not how you want to spend your free time during summer holidays.

Across the world there are many beautiful sight and tourists choose them for various reasons. Some of them are just plain beautiful, others have interesting architecture and history or are located real close. We are not here to showcase you the town where the most significant battle or some kind of event happened but to show you the most amazing town that is just made for surfing. It is a surfing heaven and all amenities that are related to this sport.

You must have heard for a Hawaii but something that was made a symbol of a certain sport is not so much interesting to the real enthusiasts and professionals alike/As with regular tourist destinations, extreme sports demand the new and fresh destination where the surfer can show their skills and compete with other surfers without any problems. Depending that you love adventure and exploring new people and cultures, you are welcome to dive in and start surfing and proving that you are better than those sufferer wannabes.

Asia is a continent which is teeming with exotic places and you can be certain that you are going to find tough waves to conquer. Indian Ocean is going to be a tough cookie to crack thus we are certain that you will be amazed with a challenge which will be presented to you. We are talking about Bali which is located in Indonesia, the country with a unique beauty and nature that will wow you. The city might be a logical choice for some of you as surfers but too crowded places are not really suited as the beaches are too crowded. We recommend that you give Canggu a try, as we have previously stated Canguu is located in Bali, Indonesia.

Until recently Canggu was not a spectacular place much for anything especially for surfing. It looked like a black stone with just a few houses. It is actually a village which is comprised of many villas and when you are not surfing you can visit the countryside which is not without its charms. We know that you had not come for that as your biggest care is about the beaches and if you are able to surf.  Regular beached that have white or yellow sand are not really appropriate for an extreme surfer like you. You need something that is brand new and different such as beaches with black sand. Waves are steady as suitable for any surfer. All you need to do is to bring your own surf board or rent a surfing board at the village. This part of the world is well known both for calmer waters and for big waves so it is suited for every surfer, both for beginners and for professional surfers.

If you want to relax after a hard day of surfing then you can find proper accommodation that will be well suited for each and every surfer and traveler. You can leave your surfboard in a safe enclosed area when you are done with your favorite activity.  You can hang out with other surfers and organize a tournament or a competition to see who is better. There is also a skateboard park so when you want to board on the land, you are able to do that in your spare time from surfboarding. There are newly built resorts and luxurious accommodations, so if you are willing to spend more; you won’t regret it.

Hope that you like or exotic choice of the perfect surfing destination or if you have some additional questions feel free to comment and like the article.