Some might regard them as dangerous but there are certain individual who love to try anything new and exotic. Think about them as your real chance to rise that adrenaline level and spend times with others who enjoy the same activities like you. They do not have to be that much extreme as it is enough for you to have some fun. This is the statement that the people who are scared of challenge would say. We hope that you are not one of those and that you are willing to try something new and exciting. We are presenting you the countdown of the most exciting water sports which will pump your adrenaline trough the roof.

We will start this list with a watersport which was done one way or another for centuries even millennials. Scuba diving is one if the oldest if not the oldest water sport. It is exciting in warm seas such as the Mediterranean and if you want to add a dose of super excitement, then you need to try and dive in the Caribbean Sea or the Indian Ocean. There are a lot of beautiful underwater world to be seen such as corals, underwater caves, different fish such as swordfish or a clown fish, even some shipwreck of a famous pirate or a battleship. You can go full extreme by scuba diving with sharks. If you have seen this on the TV then you know it is dangerous but extreme to the max.


Kayaking might seem as an easy sport when you are watching it on some show or one of so many channels which are desiccated to water sports. This is the case if you are surfing on the calm water such as the lake but if you are willing to try something more exciting then we suggest that you go kayaking on the tougher seas. Stormy weather and waves will bring that dose of the excitement to your overall kayaking experience. To do this you could go kayaking on rivers, tough seas or the ocean. You will need a sturdy kayak which is made of a tough plastic and some colors are recommended such as yellow, orange and green or a mixture of these color. Get your strength up and try some great type of kayaking.

Jet skiing

You can see them every summer as they are one of the toughest to deal with as the speed is the hardest to deal with. There are some people who find a lot of problems with this water sport but there are many people who love it. We are talking about jet skiing and if you have been at the beach, you are able to see so many sports enthusiasts who are going around the sea. The speed which could be developed by skis is quite big and combined with high ways then you will know about the extreme ways of being involved in a water sport. Lovers of a speed and water will enjoy in this extreme watersport.


Trust us that it is not easy to do this water sport as you need skills and the appropriate knowledge to manage to be able to do this sport. It easy to learn how to drive a speedboat but it is much harder to learn how to windsurf. Windsurfing is not an easy as it seem so it has to be done in the middle of the sea. As you might have guessed from its name, you will have to go windsurfing when there is enough wind to do so. If a person doesn’t have enough coordination then a person would keep falling. By learning this amazing watersport, you will be the one who is having a lot of fun.


All watersports are not the same as some of them combine different sports, some of these are not even watersports into one. The most renowned sport which is like this is known as kitesurfing. Tourists across the world enjoy in this sport and enjoying the coastal landscape while they are kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is a combination of various water sports. This sport uses the power of wind but it is hard to learn how to control it. You can take lessons and when you have finally learned it, you are ready to be the best kit surfer, there is.


We have come to the sport which is not old as the ones that we have previously mentioned on this list. All of you must have heard about surfing and the fun that surfers have every summer day. Wake-boarding is the latest sport which gained a lot of interested all across the world. As mentioned earlier, it is similar to surfing but the board is different thus it is a different experience than a regular surfing. The board is shorter and more rigid thus your surfing speeds are faster and you are able to surf on bigger waves as it is rigid. Wake-boarding is a sport that every enthusiasts of an extreme sports is going to love.

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of TV channels that are showcasing the  extreme sports. You might be the one who is willing to try it instead of watching it on the TV. The sport that is meant for the toughest and the most extreme individuals. It is so extreme because it is meant for the individuals who are ready to get through the biggest challenges. The most amazing watersport will be revealed to you in a next sentence. The name of this sport is Powerboating and with that name you know, you are ready for the most amazing thing that it is needed for your day of fun. There are speed which can be hardly reached on the land and you will get excited even if you are the only one who is engaged in this sport. It is the most famous boating extreme sport today. You can do it in every weather condition thus you will be able to do the best extreme sport any day.

We hope that you had found your favorite watersport, that you are going to enjoy it fully.