Max Hodges Leaves TMZ

If you have ever watched TMZ then you would probably recognize Max Hodges; the iconic surfer who always made funny (and sometimes offensive comments) throughout the show. But does he really surf? Who really cares. What people really care about is that he recently stopped appearing on the show and has since tweeted "Last day at TMZ. 8 years, been fun. Not sure what’s next#keepontruckin#letsparty." He was one of the most popular TV personalities on the show and many are wondering why he ultimately decided to leave since being one of the first to appear on the show. We think Max Hodges probably just wants to surf more...allegedly! Does this have anything to do with the surf industry? Not really! But who cares! Happy Wednesday!

PS. TMZ should probably hire me to replace Max Hodges. No, really!

Max Hodges TMZ Surfer Dude
Photo Credit: LA Times - Billabong Design for Hummanity
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