2014 Target Maui Pro | ASP Women's World Title Race

The women's WCT is about to get very real as they enter into their final event, the 2014 Target Maui Pro, which will get underway on November 22nd. Steph Gilmore, Tyler Wright and Sally Fitzgibbons are all in the running for the world title and its a very close race with a lot of potential scenarios and outcomes. I am hoping that Sally Fitzgibbons can finish the 2014 season with a strong result and win her first title on the WCT. 

Whatever the outcome might be, I think the 2014 Target Maui Pro will be an exciting event that will see a record number of attendees and online viewers due to this highly anticipated world title race. Hopefully they get a solid swell and ideal conditions to allow all of the girls a chance to showcase their surfing abilities and create some exciting heats.

The anticipation has been growing steadily over the past few weeks as everyone arrives in Hawaii and begins their final training regiments to prep for the final event of the year. Also be sure to pay attention to those on the back half of the rankings, who are up against the wall when it comes to re-qualifying for next year's tour. The event kicks off tomorrow so don't miss it!

Bethany Hamilton Surfs Like A Girl | A Film by Aaron Lieber

After a very successful film documenting the life of Lakey Peterson, Aaron Lieber is once again making another feature film starring Bethany Hamilton. Many know of Bethany as a victim of a terrible shark attack more than 10 years ago, but don't realize that she is still one of the top professional surfer in the world. Not to mention she competed in the most recent season of The Amazing Race and got married last year as well. She is an inspiring individual both in and out of the water; someone who many look up to.

Aaron Lieber's kickstarter campaign for this film has been extremely successful thus far. He has raised more than $86,000 with an original goal of $60,000; which means this campaign is guaranteed to fund. This marks Aaron's second successful campaign and seems to be onto something when it comes to crowdfunding and filming movies that the general public are interested in.

The motivation to crowd fund this film was so that Bethany and Aaron could keep full creative control, which is often diminished when bringing on large scale investors who are often concerned about the overall box office performance and how one can increase those profit. The entire film will be realsed in Fall of 2015, while part 1 will come out in the Spring of 2015.  

I can't wait to see this film. It's going to be epic!

Erin Andrews | The 2015 ASP World Tour

While it's always cool to work with fellow surfers and you best bro's from way back when, I think it is possible that it is holding back each webcast's potential. Especially since many from the current commentary and broadcast team lack formal broadcast or commentating experience. Sure, it's nice to have commentators who have backgrounds in professional surfing who can articulate some of the finer details during a contest, but it needs to be matched with some seasoned veterans as well to create a nice balance. 

That's why I think it could be extremely beneficial to add some experienced broadcast talent that could take the events to a brand new level. Hence the reason I am advocating for the ASP to drop some serious cash to secure Erin Andrews as a new addition to their 2015 commentary team. Yes, Erin Andrews.

Here's why, if you follow her career which spans across football, Dancing with the Stars and other events then you can see how versatile and talented she is. From her research before any given event to her performance during live interviews; she is a class act. She knows what questions to ask, how to phrase them and is able to keep her composure in even the most high stress situations. 

Whether the ASP would actually invest that much money into a single personality is still unknown. However, I think the ASP needs to seriously consider what they can do in order to take the live webcasts to the next level. The more appealing and entertaining the webcast's are, the more viewers are going to tune in, which directly translates into advertising dollars. Whether it's Erin Andrews or another experienced broadcaster, i think it might be a good move for the 2015 season.

Seasonal CLIF Bar Flavors | Fall 2014

Sometimes you can't have everything that you want in life. Perhaps the price is to high or it is not readily available. The latter is often the case for Seasonal CLIF Bar Flavors which are only available for a short period of time each Fall/Winter. We're talking Pecan Pie, Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Iced Gingerbread perfection! Eating one not only provides a great snack, but also makes it truly feel like the holidays are here despite the weather that is trying to prove otherwise. One thing is for sure, you don't miss out on Seasonal CLIF Bar Flavors this year! 

Top 10 Surfing Videos

These days it seems like everyone owns a DSLR, Go Pro Camera or similar device which allows them to record video footage and turn it into a short surf video to be distributed across multiple channels including Youtube and Vimeo. While the cost of entry is rather low, the ability to create an engaging, entertaining and meaningful video requires practice, refinement and natural talent. Below are ten of my favorite surf videos. Enjoy!

Black & White | The Wedge
The South | Orange County, CA
Thirteen | Matt Banting
Bros and Pros | Hawaii to California
Surfing with Rob Bell & Pete Holmes
Shorebreak | North Shore, Oahu
John John Florence Buys His First Home
Slow Dance | What's Ando On?
Brazilian Wedge
A New Beginning | Laura Enever

ASP Surfer Strike | Would It Ever Happen?

What if professional surfers went on strike until larger prize purses were offered at each event? While it is highly unlikely to happen, it would surely cause the ASP & major sponsors to scramble. I think such a situation could spark a lot of great changes, but it could also end professional surfing as we know it; thus proving the long-term success of the ASP is still widely unknown. 

While it is interesting to think about pro surfers uniting and holding out for more lucrative monetary benefits, there are a couple reasons why it probably won't happen. First, all the major companies who sponsor WCT surfers would be very unhappy and would probably cancel their endorsement deals. Second, getting all of the surfers to form some type of union or collation would be rare and very hard. Third, surfers love to compete and plenty would be happy to take the place of Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning and those of similar stature. 

This idea ultimately raises the question of whether the surfers or the ASP control the future of professional surfing. Right now I think the ASP has more power, but things can change as quickly as an incoming tide. 

Quiksilver AG47 Boardshorts

I knew that something big was about to be announced by Quiksilver this Fall, but I had no idea that it would be as cool as the new AG47 line of board shorts, which is beyond impressive! The new line has an impeccable design that was developed to stand up against wear and tear that comes from the daily grind of surfing and any other water sports. This includes laser cut, heat welded panels with stitchless seam technology that helps to prevent chafing and offers extra durability, strength, comfort and protection. Covered in a healthy dose of Scotchguard, these shorts feel dry moments after pulling out of the water; a feature that is unlike anything else on the market right now. Did I mention that each pair of boardshorts reclaims 11 plastic bottles to reduce our impact on the environment?

I think this was a really good move for Quicksilver as the brand has experience some instability lately as Kelly Slater left their team and a major leadership change at the corporate offices. Not to mention Ryan Drexler, a major shareholder in the brand is publicly calling for the sale of Quiksilver due to their inability to turn the company around. 

While the future of Quicksilver and their ability to recover from a major economic downturn and increased competition in the surf industry is widely unknown, I think the Quiksilver AG47 boardshorts have the potential to be a huge success and renew brand loyalty for many surfers and consumers alike!

Quiksilver AG47 Surf Trunks

Quiksilver AG47 Surf Trunks

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