Hurley Icon Internship Application

Having the opportunity to intern at Hurley via their Icon Internship Program is something that only 37 college students get to experience per summer. This 10 week intensive program attracts thousands of talented applicants and is unbelievably competitive. This summer program provides a unique opportunity to learn how Hurley continually pushes the boundaries of surf apparel throughout the entire company. The 37 student interns are spread out across multiple departments, while collaborating on a large group project as well.  CSUSM graduate Makenzie Stade is just one of many who have gone through the program, saying "Every day I come home from Hurley and I’m stoked – it’s an amazing opportunity to be part of this team". Other participants come from MIT and other top schools. Hurley might be a surf brand, but they recruit the best talent from across the country.

The most important thing when applying to be accepted for the Hurley Icon Internship 10 week summer program is a strong resume. I'd suggest at least 1-3 previous internships and a strong academic track record. Also be sure that your Hurley Icon Internship Application shows your personality, passion and excitement about life. This video application is a great example! 

Hurley Icon Internship Requirements:

  • Full-time undergraduate students 
  • Intermediate to advanced experience in Microsoft applications
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven analytical skills 
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a cross-functional team 
  • Positive attitude, pro-active, and a team player 
  • Interest in Hurley's business (no, you do not need to be a stellar surfer!) 
  • Internships will be located at Hurley Headquarters, Costa Mesa, California

Is Nat Young Engaged to Tia Schmidt?

Not yet! But the changing scene on the WSL championship tour from single party loving surfers, to engaged, married and family oriented individuals might be something that will spur Nat Young to propose to Tia Schmidt. The 2 have been dating for a couple years now and Nat Young seems to be at the top of his game. Not to mention that Tia Schmidt has been traveling with Nat during his past couple trips. All of which are good signs for the two of them! Stay tuned for additional details...considering that Valentines Day is just days away!

Where is Max Hodges from TMZ Now?

Since leaving TMZ more than 2 years ago in the Fall of 2013, Max Hodges has remained a mystery to most. Aside from Instagram, he's largely stayed out of the media spotlight and seems to be living a pretty chill lifestyle. Appearing on The Millionaire Matchmaker and hitting up concerts in the local LA area, Max Hodges is one of a kind. Most well known for being the stereotypical surfer on TMZ for more than 8 years, it's believed that he is living off some well timed investment's in the stock market. At one point, he also mentioned working on an e-commerece site. Perhaps Puppies Make Me Happy? It sure looks like it!

I was actually in the process of doing an interview with Max Hodges, but life got busy for both of us and we never got it finished. Max, if you're reading this lets make it happen! Now it's time to speculate on where Max Hodges from TMZ is now! For starter's he just had a birthday and is currently single according to his niece. He's got a sick beach house and is surfing more than ever. Though it's unclear if he's planning to charge Jaws on the next big swell. From a surfer's perspective, Max Hodges is living the dream with flexible work hours, money in the bank and being able to surf when the waves are firing and the majority of the surf population is sitting behind their desk's watching the clock. Cheers!

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Quiksilver is Going Private After Bankruptcy

In October, I thought I had won the lottery just days before my birthday. Not the CA Powerball or Set For Life Scratchers, a lottery winning in the form of an investment opportunity. Quiksilver stock had dropped to less than $0.02 per share as they struggled with going through Bankruptcy and reorganizing the executive team. Do the math and you'll see that the upside for profit was incredible considering most surfers would agree that Quiksilver is a major player in the surf industry who took a bad wipeout during our most recent economic slowdown. And nearly all my friends who read my blog post wanted in on the investing. But investing in a company who's in bankruptcy court is beyond risky. 

After 6 months of bankruptcy proceedings, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Upon it's exit from bankruptcy court, Oaktree Capital Management will own more than 90% of Quiksilver. Perhaps more interesting is that Oaktree Capital Management is the largest share of Billabong International. If approved by the courts, Quicksilver will emerge as a private company.

Like my original prediction based on some initial research, Quiksilver would be re-issuing new shares of stock to pay off it's creditors, thus making the current shares worthless. So I was kinda right, except now we won't have any chance to re-invest in Quicksilver's future besides buying a new pair of surf trunks.

So what's next for the company? First and foremost is to focus on the core profit producing brands:  Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes. Equally important will be closing underperforming stores, renegotiating sponsored athlete contracts and reducing the number of product SKUs. All of this makes sense for a company that expand to quickly, bought to many external brands and was unable to sustain all of these operations in a positive cash flow manner. 

More surprising is the new proposed retail experience with flagship stores offering a 21st century shopping lifestyle experience. These new Quicksilver stores will provide haircuts, beard trims and live musical performances in these supersize stores alongside its more traditional product offerings. 

So what's the takeaway? First and foremost, is that we won't be buying Quiksilver stock for $0.02 and becoming ultra wealthy as the brand rebounds. Second, Quiksilver is trying to update it's retail model to rebuild in a profitable manner. Last, Quicksilver seriously needs to sign some new surfing talent to ensure the brand still has widespread support from the surf industry.

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California Coastal Commission Seeks to oust Executive Director Dr. Lester

In case you haven't heard, the California Coastal Commission Seeks to oust Dr. Lesterfor as he is viewed as a roadblock for those seeking to develop the California Coastline and block public access to beaches. This constant battle between the rich and everyday citizens is nothing new. What is new is the effort to remove Dr. Lesterfor, who leads the agency, and is in favor of protecting and ensuring beach access for all.

Read More Here:

Fellow Californians...listen up. California’s coastal protection legacy is under attack via a behind-the-scenes effort to terminate Dr. Charles Lester, the Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission, who has been a diligent coastal champion in protecting our coasts and access to them. There is an attempted coup being done by the most pro-development commissioners with the worst environmental voting records to remove Mr. Lester. If they are successful in this attempt, it would severely weaken the Commission’s ability to protect the public’s coast and undermine the integrity of the Coastal Program. There is a link in my bio with more information and an "action alert" that you can sign asking the CA Coastal Commission to stand up for the Coastal act and support Lester. There is also a Coastal Commission meeting in Morro Bay, CA on February 10th that you can attend to make your voice in the matter known. This issue is not just about the Executive Director but about protecting our beloved coastline from future over-development and the publics right to access the coast. Please stand up and do your part to ensure our coastlines are protected for all the future generations to enjoy just as we have. Please share this and make your voice be heard to #saveourcoast!!

How to Get Involved:
The public hearing will be held Wednesday, Feb. 10 at the Morro Bay Community Center Auditorium. It's imperative that the surf community shows up to voice support for Dr. Charles Lester staying on as the Commission’s Executive Director. You can read more about all that he's done as the Executive Director here! The hearing official start time is 10 a.m. but those wanting to register for public comment are asked to arrive as early as 8:30 a.m.

Kelly Slater Changes Lemoore, CA Forever

Just days prior to Christmas of 2015, Kelly Slater gave the entire surf industry perhaps the best Christmas present ever. A mystical video of his secret wave pool that created a perfect wave. 24 hours after the release of the film, every surfer was familiar with the address below: 

18556 Jackson Avenue 
Lemoore, CA 93245

It was at this address, an abandoned artificial ski lake, that Kelly Slater decided to build a wave pool. The final project. Proof that it could be done. We're talking about a decade long search of a technological setup that would great a high performance, fast and barreling wave. He did it and man did he do it well. I still enjoying watching the video.

Within mere days, the surf media and curious bystanders were flocking to Lemoore, CA to get a picture, video and perhaps even witness first hand this wave machine in action. But what has happened to Lemoore thanks to Kelly Slater is unlike anything he's done before. He put it on the map and made a virtually unknown area a iconic surf destination (in a kinda weird way).

Fast forward a handful of months and I wouldn't be able to tell you what living in Lemoore, California is like. I imagine it's very similar to the days prior to Kelly Slater's. A small town lifestyle with much of the population in the agricultural industry. Sure, surfers probably drive by from time to time. The security team posted outside Kelly Slater's wave pool property is most likely still there to chase off an curious trespasser. And neighbors probably still aren't aware of the magnitude of his accomplishments. 

To be honest, I don't really have an interest in what Lemoore, CA is like these days. What I really want to know is whether or not Kelly Slater has surfed there since. It sounds like a funny question, but I'm still a believer that this wave park is a decoy for another "more" secret location. We just won't know until Kelly makes another announcement. Stay tuned!

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Click here, herehere & here!

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Mission Belt | The Belt That Changed The Belt

If you're anything like me, there's two key things in my life that I always forget to replace; my belt & iPhone case. Luckily, I got a couple of new belts at the end of last year from Mission Belt and absolutely love them. They are sleek, super modern and perfect for every occasion whether you're heading out for a round of golf or walking into a business meeting to raise capital for your latest startup company. Speaking of that, you might recognize Mission Belt from Shark Tank. An episode where Nathan made a deal with Daymond and hasn't looked back since! 

As far as the belt design itself, Nathan re-invented the "normal" belt with an innovative ratcheting mechanism that eliminates the need for holes. What's great about this new belt design is that there is no “in between space” problems that traditional belts often create. My favorite among their extensive lineup of products is the assorted collections, which include 3 belts. Best of all, you have the ability to interchange the belts and buckles in the set to create a more customized look for your outfit. Read the product reviews on their website from verified buyers and you'll soon discover that I am just one of many satisfied customers! Also make sure to check out their killer lookbook below. It's one of the best I've seen in the past couple years.

But Mission Belt is so much more than just producing modern belts using their new design. There's an underlying "mission" that the brand is built on. When you purchase a belt, they give $1 to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending. What a great concept! If you're not familiar with micro-loans, they typically amount to $25-$500 dollars per loan and are given to those in developing countries who want to start a business or need capital to grow their business. And it's not just something they talk about of today Mission Belt has participated in more than 33,000 micro loans. You can read all about the micro loans here on Kiva!

Mission Belt Co. | The Belt That Changed The Belt

Mission Belt Co. | The Belt That Changed The Belt

Mission Belt Co. | The Belt That Changed The Belt

Mission Belt Co. | The Belt That Changed The Belt

If I Win The Lottery...

It's currently 6:41pm on Saturday night, which means you're most likely reading this after the Powerball Lottery drawing tonight. You can't win if you don't buy a ticket, so I bought 5. We're talking 900+ million dollars! While I most likely won't win (and the same is true for you), I thought I'd take a quick moment of the first 5 things I would buy.

1. Santa Barbara Estate
2. 2016 Audi R8
3. Brand new surfboard quiver from HaydenShapes
4. Laguna Beach Beach House
5. Snowboard Trip to Whistler, British Columbia

I'd also jump on a private jet to the dominican republic to meet up with some friends who are heading there for a surf trip! Hope you guys score some fantastic waves! Cheers!

Digging Through the Archives

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A Year in Review | 2015

SmartFin | The Surfboard Fin That's Saving The Ocean

I came across the SmartFin while browsing through the news the other day and was immediately impressed. I love the idea, I love how it follows a distinct problem by providing shallow ocean depth data and I love how it empowers surfers. The initial concept isn't overly complex, but I think it's unique and will push the boundaries of functional multitasking and dual purpose products that relate to environmental issues. Enjoy the film & let me know what you think!

Ellie Jean Coffey x True Protein

Last time I wrote about Ellie Jean Coffey it was because she had recently broken up with Matt Banting after being considered the newest power couple in the surf industry. It appears that Ellie Jean Coffey has perfected the term "post breakup hotness" after teaming up with True Protein. She's lost more than 10 pounds as discussed in one of her recent Instagram posts since partnering with the brand and her surfing has been on fire. She's the epidemy of an Australian surfer girl and has a bright career ahead of her whether she chooses to continue on the road to the WSL World Championship Tour or branch off to do lifestyle modeling full time. Not following Ellie Jean Coffey on Instagram? Click here to follow her today! You'll thank me later. 2016 will be a fresh start for Ellie Jean Coffey and we can't wait to see what it has to offer! 

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