3 Essential GoPro Accessories | SP Gadgets

With the expansive growth of GoPro Cameras and an emerging industry of aftermarket accessories, SP Gadgets is focused on bringing the most functional and durable accessories to the most devoted Go Pro Camera enthusiasts. And let me tell you, they make some really cool products. Today, I will focus on three of their most popular products. 

The first is the SP Gadgets P.O.V. GoPro protective case. If you are like me, then you probably have your Go Pro camera sitting on your desk or mixed in with your standard photo equipment. With this case you can finally organize and efficiently store all your Go Pro specific equipment. It fits all Go Pro models and a variety of items including extra batteries, Wi-Fi Remote, and cables. The SP Gadgets P.O.V. Go Pro protective case also comes in three different sizes to ensure all your gear will fit. 

The second product is the SP Gadgets P.O.V. Dive Buoy, which falls under the category of a multi purpose camera handlegrip. This is what I generally use when taking my GoPro Camera in the water as it is lightweight, easy to hold, and provides the best angles for shooting surfing and shorebreak barrels. Not to mention, if you happen to drop it in the water, it will float. What sets this multi purpose camera handlegrip apart from others is it’s internal compartment which can keep things dry (like money or car keys) or be filled with water to create neutral buoyancy when diving. This is by far my favorite Go Pro Camera accessory from SP Gadgets! 

Last but not least is the 23” Remote Pole which is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It makes taking pictures with your GoPro extremely easy when fully extend and is truly a great design. Simply attach your Wi-Fi remote to the base of the handle and you are ready to go. Talk about near effortless selfies or up close action of your friends skating down a big hill or catching the wave of the day. The Go Pro 23” Remote Pole is a must have and a valuable addition to your collection of accessories. 

With so many accessories and companies producing GoPro products right now, it is hard to know what provides the best value for your hard earned money. Look no further than SP Gadgets, which makes functional and long-lasting products for those who use their GoPro Cameras on a regular basis.

New Hydroflex Surfboard Models | Summer 2014

Hydroflex Surfboards continues to improve upon their current selection of both surfboard shapers and board models to ensure the greatest selection for all of their customers. Below are some of the newest boards that are available for purchase; which includes some high performance and alternative shapes to suit a variety of different surfing conditions! I have had my eye on the Haydenshapes Shred Sled for quite some time now and I think that it might be the next addition to my quiver. 

(Left to Right -> Top to Bottom)

Greatness x Embarrassment

Surfing the Ends of the Earth

Mountain Lion Sighting | Orange County, CA

I was going through my photo archives and came across these pictures that I took last summer in the middle of July. This is a mountain lion that was about 10 feet behind my house as it walks around and then settled down in a nearby bush. It was an extremely hot day and I imagine it just wanted to relax in the shade.

It was a big ordeal with the Orange County Sheriffs Department Deputies rushing to the scene to ensure everyone's safety, with Fish & Game close behind. While seeing wildlife is nothing new for us, seeing a mountain lion was quite a surprise. I just wonder how many times he has been there and I haven't seen him...

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