Mountain Lion Sighting | Orange County, CA

I was going through my photo archives and came across these pictures that I took last summer in the middle of July. This is a mountain lion that was about 10 feet behind my house as it walks around and then settled down in a nearby bush. It was an extremely hot day and I imagine it just wanted to relax in the shade.

It was a big ordeal with the Orange County Sheriffs Department Deputies rushing to the scene to ensure everyone's safety, with Fish & Game close behind. While seeing wildlife is nothing new for us, seeing a mountain lion was quite a surprise. I just wonder how many times he has been there and I haven't seen him...

Craigslist Surfboard Deals | Volume 1

I wanted to start a new series that focuses on the best surfboard deals on Craigslist. A lot of my friends ask me to help them buy an used board & I have gotten pretty good at finding great deals. This first volume focuses on surfboards for sale in Orange County, CA. In the coming weeks, I plan to expand to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. 

The boards listed below all seem to be in great condition without any structural issues or major dings. In addition, they are competitively priced and are a great alternative to buying a brand new board for $600+. I look for boards that are shaped by a well known shaper, lightly used, without discoloring and are in like new condition. If you can pickup one up in this condition for under $275, then you probably got a pretty good deal.

5'8 JC Surfboard - $185
5'9 T Patterson Surfboard - $175
5'10 Stretch Surfboard - $200
5'10 Cole Surfboard - $145
5'11 Rusty Surfboard - $250

Have a surfboard you are selling? Email me a link to the Craigslist ad for a chance to be included in the next list!

Disclaimer: My opinions are based purely on the ad description and pictures. Further research and inspection should be completed before purchasing a board. Always exercise safety and common sense when buying a surfboard from someone via Craigslist.

Luke Davis | The Weekend Warrior

Why Jeremy Flores Should Be Banned From the 2014 ASP World Tour

With multiple sources, including Stab Magazine & Surf Europe, reporting that Jeremy Flores started a verbal and physical altercation with ASP judges after his close heat loss at Jeffery's Bay; it is only a waiting game until the ASP hands down some form of punishment. A decision which is being discussed and contemplated as we speak.

This is a serious offense and the punishment could range from a monetary fine to a suspension for the ASP World Tour. From the information that has been posted online since this ordeal, I personally think Jeremy Flores should be suspended from the ASP World Tour as it is clear he cannot control his emotions and acts violent when things don't go his way. Either that, or the ASP needs to increase the security presence in the judges booth.

It's one thing to ask to have a objective conversation with head judge Richie Porta to discuss the heat, but totally different to begin shouting and get physical with the judges. In the end, it is their responsibility to score each heat fairly and they are bound to make some people upset from time to time. But there is no place for physical or verbal abuse directed towards the judges on the ASP World Tour. Stay tuned for updates on this situation and how the ASP reacts.

Above the Wedge | Newport Beach, CA

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