2014 ASP Men's WCT | Ultimate Social Media Guide

While the 2014 ASP World Tour has come to an end, the action is far from over. Now is the time that all the surfers on tour head home, prepare for the upcoming season and might even sneak in a few surf trips to fine tune their technique and strategy. That's why it's important to be following all of them on their social media accounts to see what's going down behind the scenes. Below is a comprehensive list and directory for every surfer on the 2014 ASP Men's WCT. Enjoy!

Adam Melling: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Ace Buchan: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Adriano De Souza: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Alejo Muniz: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Aritz Aranburu: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Bede Durbidge: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Brett Simpson: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
CJ Hobgood: Instagram + Twitter
Dion Atkinson: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Filpe Toledo: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Freddy Patacchia: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Gabriel Medina: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Glenn Hall: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Jadson Andre: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Jeremy Flores: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Joel Parkinson: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
John John Florence: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Jordy Smith: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Josh Kerr: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Julian Wilson: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Kai Otton: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Kelly Slater: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Kolohe Andino: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Matt Wilkinson: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Michel Bourez: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Mick Fanning: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Miguel Pupo: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Mitch Coleborn: Instagram + Twitter
Mitch Crews: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Nat Young: Instagram + Twitter
Owen Wright: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Raoni Monteiro: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Sebastian Zietz: Instagram + Twitter
Taj Burrow: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Tiago Pires: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook
Travis Logie: Instagram + Twitter + Facebook

2014 ASP World Title + 2014 Billabong Pipe Masters

Gabriel Medina has won Brazil's first world surfing title on is probably still celebrating this morning after the 2014 ASP World Championship Tour came to an end yesterday afternoon. Coming into the event, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning both had a chance of clinching the title but failed to advance into the later rounds of the event which allowed Gabirel Medina to claim his 1st world title. It’s important to note that Alejo Muniz defeated both Mick and Kelly; something Gabriel Medina will be grateful for in the coming years. 

Throughout the day, fans of the Brazilian superstar were loud, vocal and energized after each of Medina’s heat wins while keeping focused on the goal at hand. Looking back at this entire year, Medina has shown consistency, focus and drive ever since he kicked off the season with a win on the Gold Coast of Australia at the first event. And to be quite honest, he never looked back. When asked about this major milestone, Gabriel responded "This is unbelievable!”

Despite the high of winning the 2014 ASP World Title, the day was far from over when Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson met in the finals at the Billabong Pipe Masters. It was a high scoring affair with plenty of scoring opportunities that both were able to capitalize on. But it was Julian Wilson who claimed the event win by just 0.43 in the dying minutes of the heat. While Gabriel was unable to claim the World Title and Pipe Masters on the same day; I am sure he will still have plenty to celebrate. 

Congrats to Julian Wilson and Gabriel Medina!

On The Road

Eric Geiselman | Palm Beach, Florida

Max Hodges | Millionaire Matchmaker

As discussed in a previous article, Max Hodges was the inconic surfing TV personalities on TMZ before leaving the show in October of 2013 due to what Max described as a stressful work environment that didn't allow enough time for surfing. While it's still unclear how Max Hodges earns a paycheck these days, he did mention that he is starting an e-commerce business during a recent interview with Locale Magazine.

But just because Max Hodges left TMZ, doesn't mean that his television career is over forever. In fact, he will be making an appearance on the newest season of The Millionaire Matchmaker with Patti Stanger. While it's unclear whether Max found a new Girlfriend via the show, his recent Instagram posts seem have included a couple different different girls, one of which is Francesca Eastwood

We presume that all of these girls are simply friends with Max as the photo captions don't suggest otherwise, but we are working with some close sources to get some further insight. Even Patti alludes to this during the upcoming episode when discussing how Max has no trouble picking up girls (in more explicit terms) and questions why he even came to her.

Stay tuned to see Max Hodges on this season of The Millionaire Matchmaker!

Dermasport Skincare Collection for Athletes

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been using Dermasport’s new skincare products and I absolutely love them. Before using their 4 step process, I would use my clarisonic and moisturize my face after being out in the sun all day; but that was about it. Since using the Dermasport collection, my face is cleaner and has a healthy glow to it. 

The first two steps of their regimen are represented by cleansing products: the Athletic Face Wash and the Clarifying Spray Toner. These products carefully remove dirt, sweat, salt and chlorine from your face, without being overly complicated in terms of ingredients or process. I especially like the spray on toner which air dries after a couple of seconds! 

Next is the Dermasport moisturizer, which includes a face moisturizer and eye cream. The two moisturizers are suitable for all skin types and offer benefits such as restoring optimal hydration levels in skin, replenishing your skin’s radiance, firming your complexion, encouraging cell re-growth and balancing your skin’s pH. Formulated with vitamins, natural oils and antioxidant-rich fruits extracts, these moisturizers keep your face and the vulnerable area around your eyes looking good. And who doesn’t want to look young, healthy and refreshed? 

My favorite thing about the Dermasport Skincare collection is that it is quick and easy to use. It normally takes me about five minutes to complete the process and then I am done for the day. Best of all, this collection is fairly priced. I normally stray away from skincare products due to their high costs and small sizes, but the Dermasport products cost around $16 each and should last you about 2 months depending on how frequently you use them!

Grayers Clothing | 2014 Collection

After recognizing a gap in the men's market for well-crafted clothing with great fit, crazy good quality and incredibly reasonable prices; Peter Georgio launched Grayers with the objective to redesign the classics, in order to provide men with tailored, and stylish apparel for all occasions. From their current clothing, it's very clear that they have achieved this goal!

My favorite piece of clothing from the current collection is the Bob Marl Sweater, which has shades of grey mixed with hints of navy that sets it apart from the average sweater. The beautifully crafted sweater can be worn with a pair of chinos or a pair of dark denim jeans; depending on what look you are going for and is a sweater that every guy needs in his wardrobe. If you need to step up your look for an upscale event or dinner, you can also achieve a more sophisticated look by wearing it under a sports coat or pea coat.

For a more casual outfit, you should consider the Slub Waffle Henley looks great when paired with a nice pair of jeans. The soft, breathable material makes for a comfortable shirt that will become a staple in your closet.

When I shop for clothing, I always focus on three things; quality, fit and aesthetics. I want clothes that will last for more than a couple months, items that fit perfectly and also add to my appearance. When it comes down to it, Grayers Clothing lives up to my standards in all of these categories, which is why I was so excited to write about them today!

Freebord | Snowboard the Streets

Freebords aren't like any other skateboard you can buy. Steen Strand, the founder of Freebord, developed these boards to make it feel like snowboard while riding on pavement and he did a heck of a job. Freebords allow riders to carve, spin and slide down steep hills in ways that is impossible with a normal skateboard. 

Every Freeboard has two additional wheels which can spin 360 degrees, which is what allows it to be maneuvered like a skateboard. Not only that, but there are bindings that keep your feet on the board while you are riding for increased performance and control. Whether you are carving down a hill or getting technical with some flat ground tricks; you won't have to worry about losing contact with the deck of the board.

For me, this is a great training aid for surfing! The more I can practice the flow between turns and hacking carves, the better I am going to surf once I jump in the water. While nothing can compete on the same level of surfing when it comes to training, snowboard and skateboarding both translate very well in terms of mindset, mechanics and style. Did I mention how fun these boards are to ride? Cause it is quite an adrenaline rush!

So grab a Freebord and hit the streets today!

I've been riding the Chaos Maple Complete setup and have really enjoyed it so far. It was easy to assemble and includes everything you need to start riding today. All you have to do is decide which board size and wheels that you want!

Stolen Footage | Anastasia Ashley

Aside from being a professional surfer who charges big waves, Anastasia Ashley also does a fair amount of modeling each year for a variety of publications and brands. Her popularity (outside the surf industry) has soared over the past couple years since her surf warmup dance video went viral and was viewed more than 7 million times; something which has surely contributed to her more than 600K Instagram Followers.

However, Anastasia Ashley is now claiming that someone stole some less than appropriate footage that was recently shot during a photoshoot for Cheeki Underwear. Anastasia says the footage was never suppose to be released to the general public before some editing was completed to keep it appropriate for the general public and Anastasia is hoping that it will stay that way.

The story was first reported to TMZ and will surely become a major story throughout the surf media and social media in the coming days. Anastasia Ashley is taking this theft very seriously and has already filed a police report in Miami Beach, which she hopes will lead to recovery of this stolen footage.

Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops 

Pat Millin | Hometown

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