Breaking News: Anthony Booth Armer is Arrested for Jumping Off Newport Beach & Laguna Beach Locations

Updated: Wednesday, October 26th at 8:59pm
By now this news has circulated throughout much of Orange County, CA and the surf industry regarding the fact that Anthony Booth Armer is the man behind the now iconic Instagram & Youtube profiles showcasing some mind blowing and ultra dangerous cliff jumping antics in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. With millions of views and 275,000+ Instagram followers in such a short time period, he's certainly gained a following.

Anthony Booth Armer

In the interview below, when asked if he'd be willing to talk to authorities after they expressed interest in discussing his "criminal activities", Anthony Booth Armer says "definitely not" from behind his bandanna concealed face.

As for why Anthony Booth Armer decided to do such a media stunt is still unknown, but I'm sure he has go reason to risk his life. After all, he's all smiles in his mug shot. As for where the 28 year old Laguna Niguel resident is tonight is relatively unknown. After being taken into custody this morning, it's reasonable to assume that he was booked into jail & bailed out. As for the legal implications, he was charged for two misdemeanor counts of unauthorized entry of a dwelling and one misdemeanor count of trespassing with the intent to interfere with business.

Reports state the these jumps occurred on July 21 near Table Rock Beach, September 29 at the Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach and October 6 at Newport Towers in Newport Beach.

Anthony Booth Armer

While the legal implications of his case are currently unknown, I'd be curious to see if the beach front property owners decide to press charges. Either way, if convicted, he most likely won't spend very much time locked up to do jail overcrowding and his non-violent (alleged) offenses.

As to Anthony Booth Armer's future, I doubt he'll be posting any more video's as he previously has done. It clearly would add to his legal woes considering his hidden identity is long gone. But that doesn't mean he won't continue to collect ad revenue from his Youtube channel. Best of luck to Anthony Booth Armer, we'll be following your case closely.

Breaking News - Full Story Developing:
Law Enforcement sources have reported that Orange County, CA resident Anthony Booth Armer has been arrested as the man believed to be behind the social media craze involving jumping from extreme height's into shallow water's. Millions of views later...he is no longer a hidden fixture in our beach cities. He was arrested this morning by Laguna Beach PD without incident. More details to follow!

Anthony Booth Armer
Photo via OC Register

Society Unseen | Chasing The Greats

NLand Surf Park in Austin Texas | Complete Guide

Welcome to NLand Surf Park, the first WaveGarden surf park to open here in the United States! A place that surfers have long dream of and a place investors hope with turn them into surf park and resort moguls. After all we are in Austin, Texas where startups have turned a sleepy town into a hot bed for 20 somethings looking for a career and lifestyle that revolves around community, good food and a modern nightlife experience.

But where should you go, stay & eat in Austin, Texas while visiting (and hopefully surfing) the NLand Surf Park? This blog post features a comprehensive guide that you can base your entire vacation on and you’ll have an unforgettable experience. We’re talking incredible BBQ, resort style accommodations and even some of the newest surf shops that have opened (alright well, I’ll update this post once they do). Complete unrelated, NLand Surf Park might be looking to add some new team members and their exact address is below!

NLand Surf Park Location: 
5478 Navarro Creek Rd
Del Valle, Texas 78617

Accommodations and Resorts Near Austin Surf Park

For starters, let’s talk hotels and resorts. While there is talk of being about accommodations right on property of the NLand Surf Park, you might decide to branch out a little bit for a more well-round vacation. I’d suggest the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort just 5 minutes from NLand Surf Park ! This luxury resort provides a variety of amenities and guest experiences outside the realm of surfing. We’re talking archery, skeet shooting, weather ball, bike riding, ponies and other animal “mascots” that are paraded around the resort on a daily basis. I guess I should also mention that the rooms are really nice. I checked out the junior suite which featured an adjoining living room.

The resort itself is situated alongside the Colorado River and is unlike any other Hyatt Resort I’ve ever been to. We’re talking a water park (pools, waterfalls, whirlpools etc), numerous eating establishments including the Firewheel Cafe and a handful of indoor/outdoor event spaces. Did I mention they have free Wi-Fi? Score!

For the more budget minded, check out the Oaks Campground. It’s a steal at just $40-50 a night which includes bathrooms, electricity and wifi throughout the park. The Oaks Campground is just 5 minutes from the NLand surf park! Surf all day and enjoy hanging out around the campfire at night.

Best Food in Austin Texas

While in Austin, it’s essential that you experience some of their most renowned restaurants and eating establishments. And trust me, I’ve got you covered! There are so many to choose from but I’ve put together some of my favorites that will give you a good sampling of what Austin has to offer. For BBQ, skip the long lines at Franklins and check out La BBQ or John Mueller’s Meat Co. You will still have to wait a bit, but it’ll be worth it. Torchy’s Tacos is a small chain with all kinds of unique tacos. Don’t miss the queso and chips too.

You also can’t go to Austin without eating from one of the most iconic food trucks, Gourdoughs Donuts. I go for Dirty Clucker, fried chicken on a maple donut drizzled with honey butter. Looking for a more upscale dinner, Odd Duck has you covered with craft cocktails, innovative small plates and an open kitchen. For those late night munchies, hit up Via 313 for some Detroit style pizza. If you don’t want to wait, call in your order. Or even better, wait next door at The Violet Crown Social Club and have a drink and 313 will bring your pizza right to your table.

If you decide to stay downtown, stop for breakfast on your way out to the Nland Suf Park.  Take a quick detour to a food truck called Taqueria Morales for some chorizo breakfast tacos or barboacoa tacos. You will thank me later.

What to Do and See in Austin Texas

What you see and do in Austin depends on if you want to live like a local or take in the sites  like a tourist. Go tourist and see the bats fly, The State Capital, Lyndon B Johnson Presidential Museum and the University of Texas. Then drive south of the Nland Surf Park and check out Bastrop, an old fashioned main street that gives you the feel of what Texas used to be. Or hang out like a local downtown in SOCO, the Barton Springs Pool, drinking craft coffee, talking about your latest start-up or bar hopping on 6th street. Whatever you choose, being able to surf in Austin makes everything better.

NLand Surf Park Opens This Week in Austin, Texas

Updated: Friday, October 7th at 7:23am

We are less than 2 hours away from the grand opening of Nland Surf Park in Austin, Texas which is officially North America's first artificial surf park! Anticipation is high to see what the day will hold and I'm sure it will be a day to remember. All of the surf sessions for the main "reef" wave are completely booked and the first surfers will be arriving shortly to suit up and get ready to go.

It's set to be a beautiful day with water temperatures exceeding 80F degrees and air temperatures reaching the high 70's. Winds are light and variable. While the surf forecast is peaking around 6' without any lulls. Cheer's to NLand Surf Park! Can't wait to update this story after the first day of action here in Austin, Texas

NLand Surf Park Grand Open


Updated: Thursday, October 6th at 7:33pm

The crew at NLand Surf Park just issued an officalt statement in preparation for tomorrow's grand opening!

"Tomorrow is Opening Day. Thanks for your overwhelming support and patience. Apparently surfers around the globe are eager to jump on Austin's new home break. We are humbled. Our team has been working around the clock to manage the massive interest. For those of you who experienced difficulties booking sessions and coaching, we apologize. All systems are cranking so give it another go. We look forward to welcoming you.

For the A-Z on NLand, check out this link:

Make Waves"


I got a great email this morning and have been frothing ever since. The surf park in Austin, Texas is set to open on Friday and I'm on the verge of booking an airline flight right away! The promo video looks so fun and I'm dying to try it. I've been talking to the crew about getting things setup for me to visit and do a full feature on my trip & experience. Fingers crossed I hear back tomorrow!!

We've been waiting so long to surf an incredible artificial wave and now that it's hear, it almost seems to easy. We're talking about a short flight via Southwest Airlines and $90 per hour in the Lagoon! With my birthday later this month...I think Austin, Texas can expect me quite soon. I'm going to keep frothing, while you enjoy the promo video below. Yewwwww!

RVCA Pro Jr & Newport Beach Championships

Newport Beach Wedge | September 25 2016

When the waves are good, The Wedge in Newport Beach becomes as crowded as the 405 freeway as everyone tries to get a piece of the action. And while there were hardly any surfers in the water, the sets poured in and dished out plenty of memorable wipeouts. It's wasn't massive or perfect conditions by any means, but there were still some fun one's to be had. Hopefully this is the first of many swells to arrive before the winter months! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Newport Beach Wedge

Revolving Waiting Periods

I'm a fan of surfing. I watch the webcasts. I talk about the world title race with friends. And I play fantasy surfer, even though I'm terrible at it. But above all, I love watching the top surfers compete in all-time conditions. Now, let's be clear. I'm not talking about Strider over-hyping conditions. I'm talking about absolutely firing conditions that showcase the break's capabilities and surfer's performance levels. It pushes our sport's growth to a new rate and creates some extra stoke for all the viewers.

With so much money be sunk into the WSL in a race to bring the sport to the masses, we need to reconsider the scheduling and waiting period format. Every event is a role of the dice, which often results in mediocre surf conditions. Consider the Hurley Pro, that's currently underway. The surf's been good and very contestable. But it's also been overcast, windy and inconsistent. Within the next couple weeks, we'll probably see pumping surf with sunny weather and howling offshore winds that California surfers have come to expect every fall. Imagine these top conditions for every event. It would be incredible. 

So how would revolving waiting periods work? There'd be 2-3 sections of the world tour organized by the best seasons for each break's ideal conditions. As swells pop up on the radar, the WSL would decide which contest to run and quickly mobilize to make it happen. Much like the big wave world tour. No set dates and no agenda. Just incredible surfing in incredible conditions.

But what are the limitations? The 2 primary issues would be contest permits and constructing the contest sites in a shorter timeframe. Both can be solved with some additional capital and negotiations.  And the upsides are huge for the WSL (World Surf League) including increased viewership, overall growth and more price money. Lets make revolving waiting periods a thing. Surfing in sub-par conditions just isn't worth it. 

2 New Songs | What I'm Listening To Right Now

If you're heading out for a surf, then you probably like to crank some music before you head out to get in the zone. Like most of the world, these 2 songs have quickly found their way onto my playlist whether I'm in the gym or driving to the beach. If you haven't heard them before, then give them a listen. Got some musical suggestions? Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram! I'll always looking for new stuff to check out. Cheers!

Zachariah Zeiger Breaks His Back At The Wedge in Newport Beach

Updated: Friday, August 26th: 

"Jesus is healing me. Multiple doctors told me Friday I should be paralyzed. I broke my vertebrae almost in half, while hemorrhaging almost every muscle around my spine.

6 days later as I sit in my hospital room today, I learn I passed all my physical therapy tests. I can walk now. I can move by myself. I brushed my teeth all by myself today. Today I am alive and well.

And I am getting out of the hospital today. I get to go home. This has been nothing but a blessing from my God."

- Zachariah Zeiger


Nothing's worse that hearing that one of your friends is in the hospital from a surf-related accident, and yet that's exactly what happen. I've known Zach since Junior High and he is one of the most stoked guys I know! He's such a talented bodysurfer and always fun to hang out with. Get well dude! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Zachariah Zeiger

Getting Beyond Road Blocks in the Gym

It's in those last five seconds that I always want to quit. My muscles are exhausted. It's been a long day. I'd rather be reading a good book at home. It's hot. I'm thirsty. It goes on and on. And I used to quit. I stopped during the 5 second countdown. But not anymore. I was reading a career book by an incredible author and he randomly talked about how pushing through the last section of each interval (and consistently using heavier weights) is the most beneficial part of your workout. A time when you maximize your results and strengthen your mind.

I find it interesting how certain pieces of advice from the most unlikely sources can impact you. I've been doing this interval circuit training regiment for about 9 months now, and just recently I've started to see the biggest results. A trend which has only made me double down and see how far I can continually push myself.

As a quick sidetone, this super cool video about Sarah Gillette is quite inspirational. She's a great fitness trainer and has an incredible story. Enjoy!

Steve | Laguna Beach, California

To be honest, I don't know Steve. For all I know his name probably isn't Steve. But to the 3 separate rescue's he performed when lifeguards were nowhere to be seen, some might be calling him a hero. The first rescue was especially touch and go as a cleanup set lingered towards shore, breaking about 20 yards past the impact zone. While all the experienced bodyboarders and bodysurfers swam out to meet it, the tourists and inexperience beach goers sat still and subsequently went up and over the falls in a spot where they could no longer touch the bottom. Luckily, Steve was paying attention when the Laguna Beach lifeguard wasn't and made a swift rescue in-between sets. 

So what's the moral of the story? First, you need to pay attention to those around you. Even without formal lifeguard training, you can usually notice when someone is in over their head. For starters, look for those who are exerting to much energy for the situation and have a certain scared look in their eyes. Second, you can only help someone else if you're in a safe situation. What do I mean by this? On this afternoon, my friend and I were bodysurfing. Without a flotation device to extend to a potential rescue victim, we'd only be putting ourselves in extreme danger if things go south. Why? Because drowning victims will pull others down with them. But that doesn't mean you can't help signaling for help from lifeguards. 

Thanks to Steve, 3 people went home safely after a day in Laguna Beach, CA. Were each of these rescues on the verge of becoming drownings? It's possible. We'll never know. What I do know is that it's better to step up and help someone in danger than to sit back and watch them struggle to stay afloat. 

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Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach | August 4th 2016

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach

Owen Wright & Kita Alexander Are Expecting a Baby

Though not heavily publicized within the surf media, Owen Wright & Kita Alexander are expecting a baby together! Believe it or not, Owen Wright is not dating a surf or model. Rather a rockstar! Rita Alexander is a pop/indie artist who fits perfectly into the surf lifestyle and appears to be the perfect match for Owen Wright. While sources could not confirm when they officially started dating, they're relationship started gaining media attention earlier this year. Fast forward to this summer and Kita Alexander is pregnant. Congrats to Owen Wright & Kita Alexander!

SunZee Wearable Sunscreen Dispenser | Kickstarter Campaign

I'll be the first to admit that I struggle when it comes to the correct use of sunscreen. And I'm sure you've heard every excuse that I like to use. "The surf is just pumping and I don't want to paddle in." Or "Just a couple more waves and I'm going to call it a day." Perhaps "I'm going early in the morning and don't need sunscreen." Whatever it is, I rarely put on sunscreen and rarely re-apply.

The root of my "problem" really comes down to convenience. Luckily SunZee just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for all of us surfers who need to be better at using sunscreen correctly. SunZee is a watch like sporting accessory that acts as a sunscreen dispenser while you're on the go. It's been perfectly designed (in the works since 2013) and is sure to be a hit no matter what sport you play! Simply put, SunZee takes sunscreen out of the bag and onto your wrist for on-the-go use, keeping you protected for hours at a time.

For starter's it dispenses the perfect amount of sunscreen every time and the capsules are easily replaceable when you run out. Best of all, their sunscreen formula is SPF 40 and is water resistant! No more excuses! No more problems! Protect your skin and use SunZee to easily reapply sunscreen throughout the day without missing a beat.

Like many other surf products, SunZee is officially available on Kickstarter right now! That means the need your help to get things underway and are offering a variety of different opportunities! Let's talk details!

Delivery of each Kickstarter backer package is scheduled for December of this year and packages start at $1, $25 & $45+ depending on what you want to get in return! I'm a fan of the $45 package, which allows you to be one of the first to get your hands on the SunZee sunscreen dispenser! Does this sound like you? Act fast, cause there's only 200 spots for this level!

And to be honest, I have to applaud SunZee on already raising $30,000+ of their $50,000 goal with plenty of time left in their campaign! It's quite impressive and a testament of how excited everyone is about SunZee.

As for me, it doesn't look like I'll have any excuses for not applying or re-applying sunscreen in the near future. Luckily for me, this is a good problem to have! Hopefully, you'll jump on board too! Ready to learn more? Check out their video below & make sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign!

Sleep Without You | Brett Young

GrooveLife Silicone Rings | Full Review

Let's face it...traditional wedding rings don't particularly serve the active community very well. When you go to the gym you take it off for comfort. When you go surfing, you take it off to ensure you don't lose it. And when you jump in a sauna to relax after a long day, you take it off so you don't burn your finger. Let's face it, they just don't "fit" one's active lifestyle. Not to mention, the costs associated with wedding rings.

That's where GrooveLife Silicone Rings enters the picture. Made from ultra comfortable materials, they are secure and designed to stay put no matter what sport or lifestyle activity you're playing or participating in. They also look super cool and don't break the bank. Standout amongst your peers and choose Groove Rings.

Afraid of ordering a ring online and wondering if it will fit correctly? Don't! They have a couple of different DIY methods to make sure you get the right size & fit. And if something goes wrong, they'll send you a new one as part of their crazy good warranty program. No stress, no hassle, no risk! They are becoming increasingly more and more popular as their brand awareness continues to grow and I couldn't be happier to help promote their brand and message. Heck, even Philip Rivers (NFL Chargers Quarterback), wears a GrooveLife Ring. So join the best of the best and start shopping now! They come in 2 different styles: Groove Original and Groove Thin.

You might be wondering what sets GrooveLife Rings apart from their competitors...and I'll tell you. First and foremost, their patent pending design keeps air moving in and allows moisture out which is essential when wearing it all day. Each ring also has fewer mold lines since GrooveLife Rings are the first type of ring to be liquid injected.
In the 21st century, it's time for you to proudly show that you're happily married without being weighted down by an old school wedding ring. Most unique is their lifetime warranty. I was going to describe it myself, but they paint one heck of a picture: "You're free climbing El Cap and your ring rips off saving your finger. Maybe a little less intense, you tear it on the grocery cart while picking up tonights dinner. Either way we have you covered. If your Groove ever rips, stretches, tears even if you lose it or don't like your colors we will exchange or replace." Of course, it's also important to read all the details here!

Order your Groove Silicone Ring today!

Interview with Steve Watts at Slyde Handboards

I love Shark Tank and I love Slyde Handboards, so when the episode aired I was stoked! Did I mention they got a deal while on the show?!? Since then they been working hard to build their brand, company and future with the guidance and advice provided by Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher. Here's a behind the scenes interview with Slyde Handboards Owner, Steve Watts. Cheers!

You're in the SharkTank pitching your company and working for an investment, what was the overall experience like? 
Surprisingly, it was an an awesome experience. I didn't know what to expect going in, but the entire team at the Shark Tank were amazing. It was a huge decision to pitch Slyde in front of 6 million people, and possibly let a group of strangers rip you a new one and tear into a business you have spent the last 6 years building. Fortunately, in the end it turned out better than I could have ever dreamed. 

The one question I get asked a lot is "is it staged"? I have pitched to various investor groups and pitching to the Sharks is no different, apart from the cameras everywhere. There is no stopping once you walk into "the tank " and there is no turning back. We were in the tank for about 45 minutes and they edit it down to 10 or 15 minutes. Best way to describe is it is a bit like taking a 45 minute bungee jump, it's a huge rush. 

What was different than you expected from just watching the show on TV? 
There really isn't much difference from what you see on TV. apart from the fact that it is edited down to fit the timeline. The pitch we did lasted for around 45 minutes and you get drilled on just about every question under the sun, It felt like 5 minutes to me! Also you have to 100% on point with your answers and know your business back to front. This is where Angela is so much better than me she knew the numbers backwards. I can talk the passion behind the brand, but don't ask me the financials, which is why we work really well together. 

How has your company and/or your day to day job changed since getting an investment and making a deal on SharkTank? 
Not to sound to cliche but it changes everything. All of sudden your bank manager remembers your name. Both Ashton and Mark are awesome. Not only did they give us 200k for our passion, they support all the awesome stuff we have planned. The reach these guys have is mind-blowing, they play a different ball game all together, its actually very inspiring to be a part of. 

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to spend more time in the water...any memorable bodysurfing sessions lately? 
We have a distributor in Tahiti and a partnership with the Tahiti Waterman Tour. The Waterman Tour has 4 different handboarding events throughout the year that Slyde sponsors. We were lucky enough to be invited to compete in the May leg of the tour . We spent 5 days on Tahiti scoring perfect reef breaks, my favorite type of wave, it doesn't get much better than that. I've surfed some cool places around the world and Tahiti is up there with the best of them. The competition was huge with 69 contestants including the legend himself Mark Cunningham, who I competed against, unsuccessfully I might add. 

We also just sent two of our riders Augie Cunningham and Dylan Biggerstaff over to compete in the the third leg of the handboard competition in Tahiti. So we are looking forward to seeing how they enjoyed the experience. Our goal is to partner with the Tahiti Waterman Tour and to run the California competition where the winners will get tickets to the participate in the Tahiti Leg. We will be sending another 2 lucky riders over in August. 

On a completely different note, what has been inspiring you lately? Any new books, TV shows, Podcasts, Blogs, Art? 
On the personal side, Slyde has been full on for the last year, so getting any time to myself for reading or T.V is pretty rare and if I do it's to squeeze a surf in when I can. That being said, I do always make time for Sunday Game of Thrones sessions, best show ever. 

On a work level we are very lucky that Slyde allows us to to partake in some pretty awesome and inspiring stuff. The other weekend we teamed up with A Walk on Water a non profit who's goal is providing relief to families of children with special needs through surf therapy. We joined them at their last event up in Malibu, It was very humbling and inspiring to see this group of people helping kids and families with special needs. It was truly an amazing day and as myself and Angela are expecting soon it made the whole experience very special for us. 

What's next for Slyde Handboards? Any exciting stuff in the works? 
I already spilled the beans on working with the Tahiti Waterman Tour already where we will be running handboard competition here and over on the east coast and offering flight to Tahiti to compete in the Tahiti leg of the competition. Other than that we are will be bringing back an old favorite in the Phish board. We are also working hard on a few other awesome shapes for the 2017 summer sessions.

Slyde Handboards was also featured in the 2016 Summer Gear Guide!

Top 3 Essential Surfing Accessories for 2016

When you buy a new car, you don't just buy a car. You're buying upgrades, add-on features and accessories to further customize your car. Things that make your new car perform better and better serve your needs. You're never just buying a "car".

Yet when we order a new surfboard, many opt to buy the bare basics. Cheap plastic fins, a bar of surf wax and (maybe) a leash. And why is that? Mainly because there often isn't a sales person to upsell you on everything you need to get the most out of your new board. Today, I'll be that sales person as we look at the top 3 essential surfing accessories for 2016 that you need to purchase.

First and foremost is protecting your new board. From the sun, from dust & dirt, and storage. It's funny how many people damage their boards outside of the water. Don't let this be you! Buy a surfboard sock to keep your board in pristine condition. Designed to shield your surfboard from potential dings and UV sunlight that turns your board yellow; it's an essential surfing accessory. It will also keep the wax from melting and dripping all of your car. Your new surfboard is an investment; protect it with a HoStevie Surfboard Sock.
HoStevie Surfboard Sock

Second, you need to stay safe while surfing which involves buying a leash. A good surfboard leash prevents long swims to the shoreline after wiping out to retrieve your board, reduces the risk of your board hitting someone else and (hopefully) keeps your board from hitting the pier or rocks unless you get super close. While you should never rely on a leash to keep your board close by if you're an unskilled swimmer; it is an essential surfing accessory for 2016!

HoStevie Surfboard Leash

Last but not least is a good pair of upgraded Honeycomb FCS or Future fins. For years, I didn't think good fins made a difference until I started experimenting. And let me tell you, they sure do improve your performance. The flex patterns, overall weight and drag resistance are all so important. I just installed a pair of fiberglass honeycomb surf fins on my new Simon Anderson surfboard and they are amazing. Not to mention the blue fins look great on my bright white surfboard. Don't mess around with cheap fins; the investment will be well worth it.

HoStevie Honeycomb Surfboard Fins

Just like buying a car, a new surfboard often requires some additional upgrades and accessories to keep you riding in style. While their are countless products and accessories currently on the market, these are my picks for the top 3 essential surfing accessories for 2016. Cheers!

The Ultimate Guide: 2016 GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera

It's only been a couple of short days, but I am loving my GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera! It's so much more advance than the prior models I've owned and the newest features make a lot of sense for surfers like you and I. From the software to the latest camera components, the latest GoPro's are really packing a punch. Below are a few of my favorite features and capabilities!

Capturing and framing the perfect shot while filming just got a lot easier thanks to the touchscreen display that now comes standard. This makes filming video footage a lot more predictable as you'll always be confident that you got that shot. You can also review all the footage you've shot or changes many of the settings using the touchscreen. This is quite likely my favorite feature within the GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera.

With the ability to capture blistering 30 frames per second, the HERO4 Silver helps you capture the moments you don’t want to miss. And trust me, with this speed you won't be missing much. This is perfect for surf photography when trying to capture all of the action from inside a barrel. Esspically when shooting in the shorebreak, which is one of my favorite things to do with my GoPro.

With new settings, you can also swing to the other side of the spectrum for shooting after dark and capture exposures up to 30 seconds in length for extremely dark settings such as camping or star gazing. 

I absolutely love Time Lapse videos and now you can easily create them without spending hours in the editing room. In Time Lapse Video mode, the camera captures a Time Lapse video automatically. How cool is that!!

For life's more unexpected moments, use the new QuikCapture mode to start  recording right away. It turns your GoPro into a one-button camera, allowing you to power on and start recording automatically with the press of a single button. This new software/camera capability means you'll never have to worry about missing an epic shot, no matter what life throws at you. 

As for today, I'll be filming the hike that I'm going to do later today as well as some fireworks tomorrow night as part of my 4th of July celebration! Stay tuned for some upcoming stories about the different accessories I use while filming and tips for getting Instagram worthy photos/video!

Coming Soon: GoPro Hero4 Surf Bundle

What I like about GoPro is how they continually work to improve the overall user experience from capture to publish. That's why I'm thrilled to be working with them to further promote their GoPro HERO4 Silver Surf Package. More than just a product review or article, I've got a challenge to complete. And much like summer homework, it's deadline is quickly approaching! Only this homework is going to be a blast! As for my job, I have to make a summer video edit strictly using their camera & software. That's right, no other apps, cameras or editing software. Mission accepted! Time to score some barrels, take some poundings in the shorebreak, do some hiking, cruise down PCH and much more! Along the way I'll be discussing my favorite GoPro accessories, tips for getting the best footage possible and maybe some sneak peak images as to what I've been up to. Don't worry, it's going to be sick! Any music soundtrack suggestions?

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Lifeguards Rescue Couple on Jetski at Wedge in Newport Beach
2016 Summer Gear Guide

Lifeguards Rescue Couple on Jetski at Wedge in Newport Beach

Updated Sunday, June 26th at 11:26am

The first video of this accident/rescue has surfaced online and the footage is terrifying. As I watched it for the first time, it felt surreal and much like a stunt of some sort. Perhaps it's the dramatic music or the idea of what is going to happen! They essentially drove the Jetski into the most dangerous part of The Wedge in Newport Beach and beached it on the rocks. They could have at least turned away from the Jetty! More so than when I originally broke this story, these 2 individuals should have died and it's a complete miracle that the lifeguards were able to rescue them. Like I said before, numerous people have died after being swept into the rocks and it's ultimately a very tricky place to be, even for the most experienced swimmers. Let alone 2 tourists who rented a jetski. Yikes!

Lifeguards are adding that without the lifejackets, the pair of Jetski riders may have drowned in the large surf. They went on to say that they had already been warned earlier in the day to stay away from  The Wedge and the large waves. I'd like to applaud these 2 for being the ultimate kooks for blatantly disregarding lifeguard orders and nearly killing themselves at arguably Orange County's most notorious and dangerous surf spot. Well done! 

*In the original story, it was reported that the female was driving by sources, but this video appears to show the male driving.


Updated Sunday, June 26th at 7:20am

As The Wedge continues to break this morning with sets in the 8-12ft range, more and more photos and video footage of this rescue are being shared online. From the Jetski which is completely torn apart to the rescue itself, it's incredible that these 2 Jetski riders survived. Did I mention the other individuals in the water who were bodysurfing, bodyboarding & surfing? It's incredible to think that they didn't run over anyone while driving through the impact zone. While we often see JetSki's weaving in and out of big waves at places like Jaws and other big wave spots, it's important to note that those are trained lifeguards on extremely powerful JetSki's. Not tourists on a rental. As for video footage of them actual "riding" the wave, we've yet to see anything yet. But when we do, I'm sure it will end up on @KookSlams...

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Below is my favorite image thus far, showing a Newport Beach lifeguard watching as this whole event went down:

The Wedge Jetski Rescue
Photo Credit: @KevinMassery


Let's face it, these 2 individuals are lucky to be alive tonight after attempting to ride a wave at The Wedge in Newport Beach during a major swell on a rental JetSki of some sort. Sources on the sand at the time of this event say the woman was the driver. I can only imagine what she was thinking as they traveled well within the impact zone. The video footage below shows a very tense situation as both the driver and passenger of the Jetski nearly get swept into the rocks. The same situation where numerous have died before. Luckily no sets came as Lifeguards reached them and pulled them to shore! Shoutout the the Newport Beach Lifeguards and other swimmers who participated in the rescue and for risking their own safety to make the rescue. The video footage and photos being posted online are crazy. As for the individuals on the JetSki, I'm not really sure what to say to you. Other than you need to start making smarter life decisions. At least they were wearing life jackets! Just glad everyone made it home safely.

For those thinking that they can "handle" The Wedge during a big swell. Think again! When the sets start rolling, there's no place to hide. And when it dishes out 8-10 wave sets, you're in for a beating that will take all your energy and leave you gasping for air no matter how experienced or in shape that you are. Here's video footage of a rescue that happened yesterday. Just watching it makes me nervous. The ocean is so so so powerful and you need to be extremely cautious in big surf. There's nothing wrong with deciding not to paddle out if you have any sort of hesitations. Be safe!

2016 Summer Gear Guide

Welcome to summer! You've made it! The time has come to pull out your collection of swim trunks, put your wetsuits in storage and head to the beach. Vitamin D is on trend and it's time to soak it up before it's gone. With this comes the need to restock on summer's most essential items. From new apparel to the most innovative skincare products to keep you looking great, I've got all the right product recommendations for this summer! So pour yourself a glass of ice cold lemonade (or Kombucha) and dig in! Enjoy!

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Top 3 Surfboard Racks

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