World Surf League Buys the Kelly Slater Wave Co.

Kelly Slater's bank account got a big deposit after officially announcing that the WSL has purchased the Kelly Slater Wave Company. While financial details surrounding this acquisition were not immediately available, they are surely more than one ever needs to comfortably retire. This now means that the WSL & Kelly Slater Wave Co. are now sister companies within WSL Holdings. 

There's so many things to discuss here that are super exciting. For starters, the amount of additional resources and funding that are going to be spent in the coming years to really dial in the technology and multiple wave pools around the world is staggering. There's no doubt that the WSL Championship Tour will soon have a stop at one of these locations as well. It's another tough hit for WaveGarden, who's yet to make a video or any promotional materials such as Kelly's wave. Or maybe people like the "Kelly Stamp of Approval". Last, it means Kelly Slater can get back to doing what he does best; winning world titles

As for what he's planning on doing with the money from this acquisition, I'm hoping he sends a modest $1,000,000 my way! Cheers. 

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153F and Still Breathing

It’s Friday night. It’s been a long week and I’m stuck sitting for the next 45 minutes with nothing to do. Sure, I’m watching the heat analyzer on the WSL website but I can’t take my mind off the current situation. 

My mind races. Why am I even here? Will the benefits really help my performance? What am I thinking? Perhaps it’s the small space that I’ve managed to get myself into. Or the simple fact that I’ve yet to have a glass of red wine yet! Nor am I out with my friends. Whatever it is, I’m becoming more and more thirsty as the time goes on. Did I mention it’s 153F degrees inside this wood panel 4 sided box? 

Okay, so maybe this into was a little dramatic but I wanted to set the stage for what it’s like to spend 20-60 minutes inside my new infrared sauna. The longer you go, the faster your brain goes. The more you feel alive and connected to your body’s every move. The more you sweat. And man, you sweat a lot. 

To some it’s unpleasant. To others, it’s a challenge. I view it as a experience and health experiment. An opportunity to train my body to deal with heat, stress and situations it does not encounter in my daily life. However you see it, you need to buy yourself a sauna! The results are so worth the investment.

First and foremost, I’ve yet to get sick since using the sauna 6-14 times per week. Yes, sometimes I go 2x per day. Why? Because the heated environment artificially stimulates the affect of having a fever so your body is constantly defending it’s well being and killing any viruses that pose a threat to your immune system. 

Second is the detox effects from sweating so much. Since Infrared sauna’s heat the interior of your body and not just your skin, it’s much more effective at eliminating anything your body hasn’t properly processed or disposed of. Studies include big words like heavy metals, environmental toxins and a variety of fear inducing terms. All I care about is providing my body the ability to properly function and eliminate anything harmful in a productive manner. 

Third, is the ability to increase your heart rate in a controlled environment without any physical movement. It’s incredible how your heart rate increases as time goes on, a sign that your body is working to keep itself from overheating. These results have a variety of benefits ranging from a reduced risk of heart attack after continual use, to burning quite a few calories ever time you do a sauna session. 

Last but not lease, infrared sauna’s have a remarkable ability to eliminate stress. After a long day at work, I can jump in and forget about the to-do list items that are calling my name or the “life” decisions that I’ve been losing sleep over. Stepping into a sauna on a daily basis (or 2x a day) allows you to relax, find a new perspective and reduce your stress levels. 

Let’s be clear, I’m not going all new-age or promising the world with consistent sauna usage, but I sure think it makes a positive difference. While it might be strange or unpopular here in the USA as a mainstream practice, internationally they are a huge hit and for good reason. Maybe we can learn something from them. Cheers!

Surfing Australia's Finest Slab

Villager Goods | Brand Preview 2016

While the excitement surrounding Villager Goods continues to build as details slowly emerge about the new brand, much is still unknown besides the fact that they will be launching later this year. And of course the whole basis of a surf brand, owned by a collective of professional surfers. However, I recently tracked down the trademark information which provides a little more information about the brand. 

First and foremost, their trademark extends to “clothing for men, women and children.” A fact which isn’t surprising since Taj Burrow is a new father. In addition, the trademark application wasn’t submitted until 4/6/2016 which seems kinda late considering when news first broke surrounding the brand. Last but not least, their attorney is Thomas J. Speiss, III who is a lawyer in Newport Beach, California and specializes is intellectual property types of law. 

As for what the brand aesthetic will be, it’s opening collection’s price point and the launch date; we’re still in the dark. However, I’ll be sure to bring you all the breaking news regarding Villager Goods as soon as it becomes available. Let’s just hope it’s not a repeat of Outer Known!

Villager Goods Trademark

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