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Rocky Barnes x Anastasia Ashley | Revolve Clothing

Spring and summer is the perfect time to take a California road trip, which is exactly what Rocky Barnes and Anastasia Ashley did this past weekend as part of Revolve Clothing's #RevolveOnTheRoad campaign. Arguably two of the most popular Instagram surf/lifestyle models here in California, the two set out from Los Angeles with their final destination being Santa Cruz. Driving a Ford Mustang and stopping for mini photoshoots along the way, this must have been quite the road trip. Didn't get an invite? Maybe next time!

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Lily | The Camera That Follows You

Class of 2015 | California State University, Fullerton

On this past Saturday, I celebrated a major milestone by graduating from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. I ended up graduating a year early and even got a medallion for graduating Magna Cum Laude. I absolutely loved CSUF and met a lot of great friends along the way. The education I received has really prepared me to enter into the advertising industry and I'm excited to see how my career develops in the next couple of years. Cheers to this next part of my life!

(Left to Right: Jordan, Emily, Brittany, Me, Sam)

Raoni Monteiro is Suspended for 20 Months From the WSL

In a bold move from the WSL, Raoni Monterio has received a harsh punishment for the use of performance enhancing drugs while competing as a professional surfer. His suspension of 20 months started on December 12th of 2014 and ends August 12th of 2016. Whats perplexing is that the WSL's investigation determined that the use PEDs was "unintentional" and prescribed by a physician. I don't know if I fully believe this, as most people have a pretty good idea of what is in the supplements and other nutritional products they are using. And if it is true, I hope the physician takes full responsibility and the consequences that come along with it. 

Raoni Monteiro also released a statement saying, "I made an honest mistake but there are rules to follow and I broke them. I am looking forward to working hard with the time out of competition, getting back to my best and competing again next year." 

Clearly the PEDs didn't work as expected considering Raoni didn't requalify for the WCT tour this year. It will be interesting to see what his career holds in the future and whether we will be able to reclaim his spot on the WCT in the coming years. 

Looking at the situation from 30,000 feet up, I think the WSL could increase their transparency by:
1. Release their findings much sooner (not 5 months after the fact)
2. Reiterate their drug policy procedures for all the surf fans to read
3. Acknowledge what type of PEDs were detected
4. Be more public about the entire situation (this press release was published last week w/o any coverage)

The Ultimate Surfer's Guide to Orange County, California

When visiting Orange County, CA people often feel like they can't do it all. And let's be honest, it's a perfectly fair way to feel considering there is so much to do. While Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and other tourist attractions are fun to experience, this guide focuses more on local hotspots and hangouts that don't market themselves to tourists. Enjoy!

In the mood for some delicious seafood! Check out Bear Flag Fish Co, which has locations in Newport Beach and Newport Coast. I prefer the Newport Coast location because it is usually less crowded and parking is super easy. Just inland from Newport Beach is Mendocino Farms who specializes in fresh and healthy salads, sandwiches and more. My favorite is their Chicken Cobb salad. When I worked in Newport Beach, this was where I ate lunch quite often. What about breakfast on the sand? At The Beachomber Cafe in Crystal Cove (In between Newport Beach and Newport Coast) you can enjoy a delicious breakfast while taking in one of the best views around. They are also open for Lunch and Dinner, and generally don't take reservations so be sure to get there early.  If you find yourself inland from the beach, but still in Orange County then Big O Pizza (Mission Viejo) and Urban Grill and Wine Bar (Foothill Ranch) are both worth a visit. Keep in mind that Urban Grill has an amazing happy hour which includes Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! If you have the option, ask for Christina or Mary to be your waitress! 

Last but not least is La Tiendita in the small surf town of San Clemente. While San Clemente beaches can't compare to Laguna Beach (in my opinion), their surfing is incredible and ranges from T-Street to Trestles. The same waves that Kolohe Andino perfected his technique on. After a long surf session, La Tiendita is the place to go. It's a hole in the wall Mexican food place that is hard to describe. From the outside it looks like you might get sick eating their (not a good 1st date spot), but the food is really good. Not to mention very affordable. This is truly a local spot and don't be surprised if you run into a professional surfer or two while enjoying your meal. I love their carnitas tacos and cheese quesadillas! 

If you came to a Southern California for the pristine beaches, than Laguna Beach should be your first stop. It's crystal clear water, relaxed atmosphere and numerous beaches makes it unlike anywhere else in Orange County. El Morro is a newly renovated state beach that has great bathrooms and plenty of sand to stretch out in, although it does cost $15 to park. Crescent Bay is a popular high school hangout for non-Laguna residents and offers some fun shorebreak barrels to bodysurf with the right swell. If you want to experience Laguna Beach like a true local, then park in the residential neighborhoods above Pacific Coast Highway and walk down to Thalia, Oaks or Brooks St. This is where I spent countless summer days hanging out on the beach, eating Gina's Pizza and surfing with my friends. After school gets out, the beach fills up as the popular afternoon hangout spot. Feeling adventurous? Head to Woods Cove and enjoy some snorkeling or scuba diving around the countless reefs in the area. Just be careful because during high tides the beach becomes very small. Last but not least is Salt Creek in Dana Point. A popular surf spot offering high performance waves and peaky barrels, it attracts a wide variety of surfers of all skill levels. During the summer, the beach fills up so you'll want to claim your spot early. And if a big swell is pulsing, then The Wedge in Newport Beach is the place to be. Just be prepared for gridlock traffic and terrible parking on the one way in, one way out street. 

Outside of beach days, there are plenty of great places to hangout with friends or take that special someone on a date. If you want some shopping adventures, head to the Irvine Spectrum or Fashion Island. Both our outdoor shopping malls which capitalize on our amazing weather. The OC Mix is a trendy alternative to the traditional shopping mall that mixes boutique stores, coffee shops and unique local restaurants. It's a must visit on my list. Want a different experience? Grab a Ice Cream cone and walk around IKEA; a massive home furniture store that is made up of living modules that show how to use IKEA products to decorate and style your home. Find something you like? Don't worry, it's usually very affordable. Last but not least is Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Grab a coffee and take a stroll along the walking path with views of Newport Harbor. If I had a couple extra million to spend on a beach house, I would buy one on Balboa Island. It's quiet, quaint and has some incredible homes. 

So there you have it, a list of must visit places in Orange County, CA whether you live here full time or are just visiting for a week. As summer approaches, add these places to your bucket list, you can thank me later. Enjoy!

Chelsea Cannell | WSL Webcast Commentator

When you search for Chelsea Cannell on Google, you get a variety of results ranging from her IMDb profile to an article naming her as one of "the hottest female sports reporters of 2014." One things for sure, she has an extensive resume of TV appearances and hosting gigs that have made her a standout on the WSL Live Webcasts. She is poised, well researched and really connects with the surfers. Best of all, she avoids any sort of post heat interview awkwardness that many other commentators often create. Whether it's her charisma, articulation or charm; she's doing something right!

I think the WSL made a great call in signing her to the commentary team. She brings a new level of professionalism to the team and it really has improved the webcasts overall quality. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having surf industry insiders and ex-pro surfers on the team, but I think it needs to be balanced with those who have a more traditional education in TV hosting and interviewing. Did I mention she interviewed One Direction at the AMAs as the red carpet host? Being from Los Angeles, Chelsea Cannell has that classic California surfer girl style and fits in among the entire elite tour, despite not having a background in professional surfing (that I know of). So cheers to the WSL and Chelsea Cannell for making a more engaging live webcast! 

Clik Elite Probody Sport Camera Backback

As a surf photographer, keeping photo equipment safe is one of the greatest challenges and top priorities, which is why I love Clik Elite Bags. Designed specifically for the traveling and adventurous photographer, Clik Elite camera bags have numerous specialty features, which were added to respond to a necessity, and not to trends. 

One of my new favorites is the Probody Sport backpack, created to hold most Pro DSLR cameras and other equipment. The swing-around access to the camera compartment allows access to your equipment, without taking the backpack off of your shoulders which I absolutely love. The backpack also has a tuck-away rain cover to protect your equipment against the elements. Whether you are going hiking, snowboard, mountain biking or surf trip, use the Clik Elite Probody Sport Camera Backback to keep all your camera equipment well organized and protected.

5 Reasons to go to UCSB

  1. You can surf everyday
  2. The Farmer's Markets are amazing
  3. The admissions process is becoming more and more academically competitive
  4. You can walk to the beach
  5. It's relatively inexpensive compared to private universities (Approx $31,000 for California Residents)

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Square Jellyfish iPhone Accessories

The worst thing about being known as "the photographer" in the family is that you often aren't in very many pictures at family birthday parties, holidays and events. Why? Cause you're the one taking all the pictures. Luckily, Square Jellyfish has a collection of products to get a group shot with everyone in it, while still taking a great picture using your iPhone or Tablet. Their Jelly Bluetooth Remote and Jelly Long Legs Tripod is the perfect combination for easy group pictures using your iPhone. And let me tell you, it really works! All you have to do it is setup the shot using the Tripod, get in position and start taking pictures with the wireless camera remote! It's that simple! And you'll never be left out of any family pictures again. As a side note, be sure to follow Square Jellyfish on Instagram as they just started doing some giveaways!

A Few Days North | Catch Surf

Don't Spray Paint Your Surfboards

You see it in the surf magazines, twitter, blogs and instagram; pro surfers adding some pretty cool paint jobs to their brand new surfboards. They look pretty cool and often times help you land a magazine cover. 

But next time you want to spray paint your surfboard, remember that you aren't a professional surfer who has an endless supply of surfboards. In fact, boards with custom artwork (on top of the glass) often bring the value of your board down when you go to sell your board down the road because art is such a personal thing that your taste in design might not appeal to others. This obviously doesn't have an effect on Pro Surfers as they get boards quite regularly; but for the everyday surfer who pays full price for a board then it can be an issue.

So if you plan to sell your board in the future for as much money as possible, then aovoid doing any sort of artwork on your boards. Or at least get it done correctly under the glass and directly on the surfboard blank by your shaper. Your bank account will thank me later!

Chubbies Shorts | Summer 2015

For this San Francisco-based brand, pants are a necessary evil; a belief which the entire team and their customers live by. The manifesto states that Chubbies make shorts and only shorts, but at the highest standards. Chubbies shorts have a radical, sharp look, but at the same time they are very comfortable and suitable for those outdoor activities that men enjoy. Things like spending time at the beach, playing sports with your college roomates, and of course, barbecues. All Chubbies shorts are mid-thigh in length and are made of high-quality fabric that will stand up against the most outrageous adventures. Not convinced? Check out their 45 Chubbies facts!

What I like about the brand is that they are so unique and different from many of the startup tech companies based in San Francisco. The Chubbies brand culture and anthem as a whole is intoxicating, inviting and very attainable. It’s like blending college, summer pool parties and crazy adventures into one and who doesn't want that? So stop wearing boring and basic shorts today; and make the switch to Chubbies! One things for sure, I'll be rocking my Victory Bells Chubbies Shorts all summer long. But act fast because their limited quantity collections sell out lightening fast! 

Chubbies Shorts | Summer 2015

Chubbies Shorts | Summer 2015

Chubbies Shorts | Summer 2015

Chubbies Shorts | Summer 2015

Chubbies Shorts | Summer 2015

David Troyer | Surf Photographer

David Troyer has had a very interesting and successful career as a photographer within the surf industry. Growing up in Carlsbad, California, David spent a lot of time near the beach and eventually got into photograpy. As his skills developed, so did his career and he was eventually offered a position at Transworld Surf. Since branching out on his own in 2006, David has primary focused on commercial and lifestyle assignments that have opened the door to work directly with the likes of Roxy, Quicksilver and a handful of other major clients.

How did you originally get into surf photography?
I have been in to Photography since I was pretty young and in High School I took all the B/W lab classes I could. In my early 20's I started going on surf trips to Mex and Indo and documenting them. After a one year round the world trip I decided I wanted to shoot for a living and bought my first of many water housings. the rest is history as they say.

And what draws you to photography?
Photography is truly an art form and being able to create unique images is what drives me.

What's your favorite conditions for shooting?
6-8 foot glassy tubes in Tahit!

Do you shoot mainly in the water, or from shore to?
I shoot everything but am best in the water

Who has had the biggest impact on your photography?
Chris Van Lennep is the one photographer who really got me to push myself in the water. His images were always perfect.

What is one piece of advice for someone just starting out?
If you have a true passion for it go for it and never give up and SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT all the time!!!

David Troyer | Surf Photographer

David Troyer | Surf Photographer

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