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Mastin Labs Film Presets | The Full Review

In the digital age, where speed and efficiency dominate, film has become more and more rare. This is especially true among surfer photographers who often fill up numerous memory cards during a surf trip and don't have the space or time to hassle with hundreds of rolls of film. In fact, I have yet to see very many surf photographers use film in the past 10 years, besides lifestyle and portrait images. Mainly because of the rapid fire capabilities that DSLR's have for action sport photo sequences which ensure that you get the best shot possible. However, the biggest drawback is that digital images lack elements that only film images possess including the beautiful color, grain, skin tones and more.

This was the motivation behind Mastin Labs, which joins the best of both worlds from digital and film photography, to help bring that film appearance to digital images. Kirk Mastin developed these presets to assist hybrid photographers who shoot both digital and film; something which is unlike anything else on the market. With proven quality and accuracy, Mastin Labs Presets are the newest addition to my photo workflow. because they allow you to shoot digital pictures with the beauty and aesthetic of film. Plus when you do shoot film, all of your images will have a consistent feel and aesthetic. 

The Kodak Portra Pack includes Portra 160, Portra 400 and Portra 800 in addition to a handul of options which can provide a variety of looks depending on your shooting style. Mastin Labs also has a Fuji Pro Pack for those who prefer Fuji 160 and Fuji 400! No matter which filter pack you decide on, both come are customized for Canon and Nikon cameras depending on your camera platform. Best of all these custom preset packs are digital downloads, so you can start using them right away!

Below is a couple of images that I edited with Mastin Labs Presets after shooting in Camera Raw. This was from an engagement shoot that I did last year for some of my good friends that I've known for years! This location is one of my favorites for photoshoots and is hidden somewhere in Southern California. But don't ask where, cause I probably won't tell you :)

 Purchase the Kodak Portra Pack & Fuji Pro Pack today!

Mastin Labs Review

Mastin Labs Review

Mastin Labs Review

Citizen Ciao | The New Surf

Made in California and with a mission to inspire surf and culture in a way that expresses individuality and even gives a bit of street cred to the avid surf culture, Citizen Ciao is a brand new apparel brand! Aside from a brand which they refer to as, “The New Surf”, Citizen Ciao partners with and supports PROJECT HOPE ALLIANCE which aids in ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness through education and creating family stability. 

 My favorite shirt from their collection is their Tavarua Rights tee (far right), which has an edgy and fresh look. What I like about their product line it that it says “I am unique, creative and unapologetically bold in my identity and passions.” It’s not that I am not a fan of the major surf brands, rather its neat to wear clothes that none of my friends have! Simply stated, Citizen Ciao is “The New Surf”.

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins | 3D Fins

3D Fins is an innovative company comprised of surfers based in Western Australia who specialize in surfboard fins. Their products have surpassed surfer's expectations and provided a whole new level of surfing. The founder and designer of 3D Fins, Courtney Potter, created their Dimple Technology that is unlike any other fin on the market and is personally endorsed by Josh Kerr. 

I was lucky enough to get a pair of their brand new Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fin sets and gave them a try on my 5'9 quad shortboard; which previously had entry level fins. Based on my experience, these fins provide nothing short of a spectacular ride. Something I noticed after just one surf session. These fins give you speed and drive that other surfboard fins are unable to provide. 

When I was testing these fins, I was able to accelerate out of my turns quicker and made sections that I never dreamed of making before. Did I mention I was surfing a local beach break with marginal 2-3 foot waves? If you find yourself wishing you could outrun long sections, make more barrels and displace more water with your turns, then the Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins are what you need! 

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Feel Like Shopping?

Here is a look back at some recent products that I have reviewed in the past couple months. Whether you have some extra cash that you are looking to spend or simply want to start your christmas shopping early, these are some great brands that make some great products!

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It's My 21st Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I am turning 21 years old! It's crazy how fast time flies! This past year has been full of new adventures, unexpected friendships and a lot of great memories. I hope this upcoming year will be the same. Cheers!

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