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What I like about GoPro is how they continually work to improve the overall user experience from capture to publish. That's why I'm thrilled to be working with them to further promote their GoPro HERO4 Silver Surf Package. More than just a product review or article, I've got a challenge to complete. And much like summer homework, it's deadline is quickly approaching! Only this homework is going to be a blast! As for my job, I have to make a summer video edit strictly using their camera & software. That's right, no other apps, cameras or editing software. Mission accepted! Time to score some barrels, take some poundings in the shorebreak, do some hiking, cruise down PCH and much more! Along the way I'll be discussing my favorite GoPro accessories, tips for getting the best footage possible and maybe some sneak peak images as to what I've been up to. Don't worry, it's going to be sick! Any music soundtrack suggestions?

Lifeguards Rescue Couple on Jetski at Wedge in Newport Beach

Updated Sunday, June 26th at 11:26am

The first video of this accident/rescue has surfaced online and the footage is terrifying. As I watched it for the first time, it felt surreal and much like a stunt of some sort. Perhaps it's the dramatic music or the idea of what is going to happen! They essentially drove the Jetski into the most dangerous part of The Wedge in Newport Beach and beached it on the rocks. They could have at least turned away from the Jetty! More so than when I originally broke this story, these 2 individuals should have died and it's a complete miracle that the lifeguards were able to rescue them. Like I said before, numerous people have died after being swept into the rocks and it's ultimately a very tricky place to be, even for the most experienced swimmers. Let alone 2 tourists who rented a jetski. Yikes!

Lifeguards are adding that without the lifejackets, the pair of Jetski riders may have drowned in the large surf. They went on to say that they had already been warned earlier in the day to stay away from  The Wedge and the large waves. I'd like to applaud these 2 for being the ultimate kooks for blatantly disregarding lifeguard orders and nearly killing themselves at arguably Orange County's most notorious and dangerous surf spot. Well done! 

*In the original story, it was reported that the female was driving by sources, but this video appears to show the male driving.


Updated Sunday, June 26th at 7:20am

As The Wedge continues to break this morning with sets in the 8-12ft range, more and more photos and video footage of this rescue are being shared online. From the Jetski which is completely torn apart to the rescue itself, it's incredible that these 2 Jetski riders survived. Did I mention the other individuals in the water who were bodysurfing, bodyboarding & surfing? It's incredible to think that they didn't run over anyone while driving through the impact zone. While we often see JetSki's weaving in and out of big waves at places like Jaws and other big wave spots, it's important to note that those are trained lifeguards on extremely powerful JetSki's. Not tourists on a rental. As for video footage of them actual "riding" the wave, we've yet to see anything yet. But when we do, I'm sure it will end up on @KookSlams...

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Below is my favorite image thus far, showing a Newport Beach lifeguard watching as this whole event went down:

The Wedge Jetski Rescue
Photo Credit: @KevinMassery


Let's face it, these 2 individuals are lucky to be alive tonight after attempting to ride a wave at The Wedge in Newport Beach during a major swell on a rental JetSki of some sort. Sources on the sand at the time of this event say the woman was the driver. I can only imagine what she was thinking as they traveled well within the impact zone. The video footage below shows a very tense situation as both the driver and passenger of the Jetski nearly get swept into the rocks. The same situation where numerous have died before. Luckily no sets came as Lifeguards reached them and pulled them to shore! Shoutout the the Newport Beach Lifeguards and other swimmers who participated in the rescue and for risking their own safety to make the rescue. The video footage and photos being posted online are crazy. As for the individuals on the JetSki, I'm not really sure what to say to you. Other than you need to start making smarter life decisions. At least they were wearing life jackets! Just glad everyone made it home safely.

For those thinking that they can "handle" The Wedge during a big swell. Think again! When the sets start rolling, there's no place to hide. And when it dishes out 8-10 wave sets, you're in for a beating that will take all your energy and leave you gasping for air no matter how experienced or in shape that you are. Here's video footage of a rescue that happened yesterday. Just watching it makes me nervous. The ocean is so so so powerful and you need to be extremely cautious in big surf. There's nothing wrong with deciding not to paddle out if you have any sort of hesitations. Be safe!

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Shorebreak | The Story of Clark Little

Newport Beach Shark Attack | May 29th 2016

Updated: 5/30/2016 @ 8:15am:
As of this morning, beaches to the North and South of Corona Del Mar continue to be closed to all swimmers as authorities continue to investigate the (possible) great white shark attack that occurred yesterday afternoon about 150 yards offshore.

No additional details have been provided as to the victim's condition, although it is believed to be a 40-50 year female long distance swimmer, who was rushed to the nearest trauma center and very likely that she underwent surgery in response to her injuries.

As the day progresses, Lifeguards are preparing to search the local beaches for the alleged shark who attacked in Corona Del Mar using both boats and helicopters in an effort to further their investigation.  Although overcast grey skies aren't helping the situation when it comes to visibility and the action of spotting a grey shark. and As for the holiday weekend, things might feel a little bit more sketchy today if you decided to venture into the water throughout many of Orange County's beaches.


Updated: 5/29/2016 @ 7:53pm:
Unconfirmed sources are now reporting that the Newport Beach Shark Attack victim was most likely transported to Hoag Hospital, where she is talking to safety personnel right now. While I can't comment on her current medical status, this is a strong indicator that her injuries are not life threatening. Meanwhile, a news correspondent for CBS is describing the injuries as "significant" from those on the beach with "large bite marks to her torso and shoulder."

In addition, KNX 1070 is now reporting that this was a Great White Shark attach in the Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar area. Although, no Great White Sharkshark was spotted during the initial boat and aircraft search in Corona Del Mar or Newport Beach.

I'll continue to update this story as more information becomes available. Stay Tuned

In the news clip below, shout-out to the girl who says it was very frustrating cause now her kids can't go in the water. I'm so sorry your beach day got interrupted...NOT! We're talking about a great white shark attack and someone who is now in the hospital...


If you are in Orange County and are planning on going surfing tomorrow, then stop reading this post immediately. Early reports are pointing to a shark attack happening somewhere between Corona Del Mar and the Newport Beach Harbor.

I was actually driving down PCH when this happened and made a comment about the helicopter hovering overhead in regards to maybe a shark sighting of some sort. Sure, enough my eire prediction was right. A woman swimming about 150 yards offshore was (allegedly) bit by a shark and was struggling to reach shore when she was assisted by lifeguards in one of their water patrol units. 

As for her injuries, she was suffering from heavy bleeding from her arm and shoulder; injuries consistent with a shark attack. Despite this, those involved seemed to be hesitant to confirm the animal that attack the swimmer. I don't like to jump to conclusions, but let's be frank about what took place. It was (most likely) a shark attack. This newport beach shark attack is the first reported incident of it's kind that I can remember in my lifetime and is a shock to many in the community. 

Even the lifeguards were keeping details under wrap by simply commenting, "I can't tell you. All I can say is there's blood out there somewhere in the water. We need everybody out of the water." Since the alleged shark attack at 4:15pm on May 29th 2016 in Corona Del Mar, no update has been provided as to the victims condition. All we know is that the beaches have been closed and will remain closed for the very popular holiday weekend.