Top 3 Essential Surfing Accessories for 2016

When you buy a new car, you don't just buy a car. You're buying upgrades, add-on features and accessories to further customize your car. Things that make your new car perform better and better serve your needs. You're never just buying a "car".

Yet when we order a new surfboard, many opt to buy the bare basics. Cheap plastic fins, a bar of surf wax and (maybe) a leash. And why is that? Mainly because there often isn't a sales person to upsell you on everything you need to get the most out of your new board. Today, I'll be that sales person as we look at the top 3 essential surfing accessories for 2016 that you need to purchase.

First and foremost is protecting your new board. From the sun, from dust & dirt, and storage. It's funny how many people damage their boards outside of the water. Don't let this be you! Buy a surfboard sock to keep your board in pristine condition. Designed to shield your surfboard from potential dings and UV sunlight that turns your board yellow; it's an essential surfing accessory. It will also keep the wax from melting and dripping all of your car. Your new surfboard is an investment; protect it with a HoStevie Surfboard Sock.
HoStevie Surfboard Sock

Second, you need to stay safe while surfing which involves buying a leash. A good surfboard leash prevents long swims to the shoreline after wiping out to retrieve your board, reduces the risk of your board hitting someone else and (hopefully) keeps your board from hitting the pier or rocks unless you get super close. While you should never rely on a leash to keep your board close by if you're an unskilled swimmer; it is an essential surfing accessory for 2016!

HoStevie Surfboard Leash

Last but not least is a good pair of upgraded Honeycomb FCS or Future fins. For years, I didn't think good fins made a difference until I started experimenting. And let me tell you, they sure do improve your performance. The flex patterns, overall weight and drag resistance are all so important. I just installed a pair of fiberglass honeycomb surf fins on my new Simon Anderson surfboard and they are amazing. Not to mention the blue fins look great on my bright white surfboard. Don't mess around with cheap fins; the investment will be well worth it.

HoStevie Honeycomb Surfboard Fins

Just like buying a car, a new surfboard often requires some additional upgrades and accessories to keep you riding in style. While their are countless products and accessories currently on the market, these are my picks for the top 3 essential surfing accessories for 2016. Cheers!

Sleep Without You | Brett Young

GrooveLife Silicone Rings | Full Review

Let's face it...traditional wedding rings don't particularly serve the active community very well. When you go to the gym you take it off for comfort. When you go surfing, you take it off to ensure you don't lose it. And when you jump in a sauna to relax after a long day, you take it off so you don't burn your finger. Let's face it, they just don't "fit" one's active lifestyle. Not to mention, the costs associated with wedding rings.

That's where GrooveLife Silicone Rings enters the picture. Made from ultra comfortable materials, they are secure and designed to stay put no matter what sport or lifestyle activity you're playing or participating in. They also look super cool and don't break the bank. Standout amongst your peers and choose Groove Rings.

Afraid of ordering a ring online and wondering if it will fit correctly? Don't! They have a couple of different DIY methods to make sure you get the right size & fit. And if something goes wrong, they'll send you a new one as part of their crazy good warranty program. No stress, no hassle, no risk! They are becoming increasingly more and more popular as their brand awareness continues to grow and I couldn't be happier to help promote their brand and message. Heck, even Philip Rivers (NFL Chargers Quarterback), wears a GrooveLife Ring. So join the best of the best and start shopping now! They come in 2 different styles: Groove Original and Groove Thin.

You might be wondering what sets GrooveLife Rings apart from their competitors...and I'll tell you. First and foremost, their patent pending design keeps air moving in and allows moisture out which is essential when wearing it all day. Each ring also has fewer mold lines since GrooveLife Rings are the first type of ring to be liquid injected.
In the 21st century, it's time for you to proudly show that you're happily married without being weighted down by an old school wedding ring. Most unique is their lifetime warranty. I was going to describe it myself, but they paint one heck of a picture: "You're free climbing El Cap and your ring rips off saving your finger. Maybe a little less intense, you tear it on the grocery cart while picking up tonights dinner. Either way we have you covered. If your Groove ever rips, stretches, tears even if you lose it or don't like your colors we will exchange or replace." Of course, it's also important to read all the details here!

Order your Groove Silicone Ring today!

Interview with Steve Watts at Slyde Handboards

I love Shark Tank and I love Slyde Handboards, so when the episode aired I was stoked! Did I mention they got a deal while on the show?!? Since then they been working hard to build their brand, company and future with the guidance and advice provided by Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher. Here's a behind the scenes interview with Slyde Handboards Owner, Steve Watts. Cheers!

You're in the SharkTank pitching your company and working for an investment, what was the overall experience like? 
Surprisingly, it was an an awesome experience. I didn't know what to expect going in, but the entire team at the Shark Tank were amazing. It was a huge decision to pitch Slyde in front of 6 million people, and possibly let a group of strangers rip you a new one and tear into a business you have spent the last 6 years building. Fortunately, in the end it turned out better than I could have ever dreamed. 

The one question I get asked a lot is "is it staged"? I have pitched to various investor groups and pitching to the Sharks is no different, apart from the cameras everywhere. There is no stopping once you walk into "the tank " and there is no turning back. We were in the tank for about 45 minutes and they edit it down to 10 or 15 minutes. Best way to describe is it is a bit like taking a 45 minute bungee jump, it's a huge rush. 

What was different than you expected from just watching the show on TV? 
There really isn't much difference from what you see on TV. apart from the fact that it is edited down to fit the timeline. The pitch we did lasted for around 45 minutes and you get drilled on just about every question under the sun, It felt like 5 minutes to me! Also you have to 100% on point with your answers and know your business back to front. This is where Angela is so much better than me she knew the numbers backwards. I can talk the passion behind the brand, but don't ask me the financials, which is why we work really well together. 

How has your company and/or your day to day job changed since getting an investment and making a deal on SharkTank? 
Not to sound to cliche but it changes everything. All of sudden your bank manager remembers your name. Both Ashton and Mark are awesome. Not only did they give us 200k for our passion, they support all the awesome stuff we have planned. The reach these guys have is mind-blowing, they play a different ball game all together, its actually very inspiring to be a part of. 

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to spend more time in the water...any memorable bodysurfing sessions lately? 
We have a distributor in Tahiti and a partnership with the Tahiti Waterman Tour. The Waterman Tour has 4 different handboarding events throughout the year that Slyde sponsors. We were lucky enough to be invited to compete in the May leg of the tour . We spent 5 days on Tahiti scoring perfect reef breaks, my favorite type of wave, it doesn't get much better than that. I've surfed some cool places around the world and Tahiti is up there with the best of them. The competition was huge with 69 contestants including the legend himself Mark Cunningham, who I competed against, unsuccessfully I might add. 

We also just sent two of our riders Augie Cunningham and Dylan Biggerstaff over to compete in the the third leg of the handboard competition in Tahiti. So we are looking forward to seeing how they enjoyed the experience. Our goal is to partner with the Tahiti Waterman Tour and to run the California competition where the winners will get tickets to the participate in the Tahiti Leg. We will be sending another 2 lucky riders over in August. 

On a completely different note, what has been inspiring you lately? Any new books, TV shows, Podcasts, Blogs, Art? 
On the personal side, Slyde has been full on for the last year, so getting any time to myself for reading or T.V is pretty rare and if I do it's to squeeze a surf in when I can. That being said, I do always make time for Sunday Game of Thrones sessions, best show ever. 

On a work level we are very lucky that Slyde allows us to to partake in some pretty awesome and inspiring stuff. The other weekend we teamed up with A Walk on Water a non profit who's goal is providing relief to families of children with special needs through surf therapy. We joined them at their last event up in Malibu, It was very humbling and inspiring to see this group of people helping kids and families with special needs. It was truly an amazing day and as myself and Angela are expecting soon it made the whole experience very special for us. 

What's next for Slyde Handboards? Any exciting stuff in the works? 
I already spilled the beans on working with the Tahiti Waterman Tour already where we will be running handboard competition here and over on the east coast and offering flight to Tahiti to compete in the Tahiti leg of the competition. Other than that we are will be bringing back an old favorite in the Phish board. We are also working hard on a few other awesome shapes for the 2017 summer sessions.

Slyde Handboards was also featured in the 2016 Summer Gear Guide!

The Ultimate Guide: 2016 GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera

It's only been a couple of short days, but I am loving my GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera! It's so much more advance than the prior models I've owned and the newest features make a lot of sense for surfers like you and I. From the software to the latest camera components, the latest GoPro's are really packing a punch. Below are a few of my favorite features and capabilities!

Capturing and framing the perfect shot while filming just got a lot easier thanks to the touchscreen display that now comes standard. This makes filming video footage a lot more predictable as you'll always be confident that you got that shot. You can also review all the footage you've shot or changes many of the settings using the touchscreen. This is quite likely my favorite feature within the GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera.

With the ability to capture blistering 30 frames per second, the HERO4 Silver helps you capture the moments you don’t want to miss. And trust me, with this speed you won't be missing much. This is perfect for surf photography when trying to capture all of the action from inside a barrel. Esspically when shooting in the shorebreak, which is one of my favorite things to do with my GoPro.

With new settings, you can also swing to the other side of the spectrum for shooting after dark and capture exposures up to 30 seconds in length for extremely dark settings such as camping or star gazing. 

I absolutely love Time Lapse videos and now you can easily create them without spending hours in the editing room. In Time Lapse Video mode, the camera captures a Time Lapse video automatically. How cool is that!!

For life's more unexpected moments, use the new QuikCapture mode to start  recording right away. It turns your GoPro into a one-button camera, allowing you to power on and start recording automatically with the press of a single button. This new software/camera capability means you'll never have to worry about missing an epic shot, no matter what life throws at you. 

As for today, I'll be filming the hike that I'm going to do later today as well as some fireworks tomorrow night as part of my 4th of July celebration! Stay tuned for some upcoming stories about the different accessories I use while filming and tips for getting Instagram worthy photos/video!

Coming Soon: GoPro Hero4 Surf Bundle

What I like about GoPro is how they continually work to improve the overall user experience from capture to publish. That's why I'm thrilled to be working with them to further promote their GoPro HERO4 Silver Surf Package. More than just a product review or article, I've got a challenge to complete. And much like summer homework, it's deadline is quickly approaching! Only this homework is going to be a blast! As for my job, I have to make a summer video edit strictly using their camera & software. That's right, no other apps, cameras or editing software. Mission accepted! Time to score some barrels, take some poundings in the shorebreak, do some hiking, cruise down PCH and much more! Along the way I'll be discussing my favorite GoPro accessories, tips for getting the best footage possible and maybe some sneak peak images as to what I've been up to. Don't worry, it's going to be sick! Any music soundtrack suggestions?

GrooveLife Silicone Rings | Full Review
Interview with Steve Watts at Slyde Handboards
The Ultimate Guide: 2016 GoPro Hero4 Silver Camera
Coming Soon: GoPro Hero4 Surf Bundle
Lifeguards Rescue Couple on Jetski at Wedge in Newport Beach
2016 Summer Gear Guide

Lifeguards Rescue Couple on Jetski at Wedge in Newport Beach

Updated Sunday, June 26th at 11:26am

The first video of this accident/rescue has surfaced online and the footage is terrifying. As I watched it for the first time, it felt surreal and much like a stunt of some sort. Perhaps it's the dramatic music or the idea of what is going to happen! They essentially drove the Jetski into the most dangerous part of The Wedge in Newport Beach and beached it on the rocks. They could have at least turned away from the Jetty! More so than when I originally broke this story, these 2 individuals should have died and it's a complete miracle that the lifeguards were able to rescue them. Like I said before, numerous people have died after being swept into the rocks and it's ultimately a very tricky place to be, even for the most experienced swimmers. Let alone 2 tourists who rented a jetski. Yikes!

Lifeguards are adding that without the lifejackets, the pair of Jetski riders may have drowned in the large surf. They went on to say that they had already been warned earlier in the day to stay away from  The Wedge and the large waves. I'd like to applaud these 2 for being the ultimate kooks for blatantly disregarding lifeguard orders and nearly killing themselves at arguably Orange County's most notorious and dangerous surf spot. Well done! 

*In the original story, it was reported that the female was driving by sources, but this video appears to show the male driving.


Updated Sunday, June 26th at 7:20am

As The Wedge continues to break this morning with sets in the 8-12ft range, more and more photos and video footage of this rescue are being shared online. From the Jetski which is completely torn apart to the rescue itself, it's incredible that these 2 Jetski riders survived. Did I mention the other individuals in the water who were bodysurfing, bodyboarding & surfing? It's incredible to think that they didn't run over anyone while driving through the impact zone. While we often see JetSki's weaving in and out of big waves at places like Jaws and other big wave spots, it's important to note that those are trained lifeguards on extremely powerful JetSki's. Not tourists on a rental. As for video footage of them actual "riding" the wave, we've yet to see anything yet. But when we do, I'm sure it will end up on @KookSlams...

Additional Social Media Posts:
@johnmel_ and I had some fun at the wedge tonight
Where not to ride your seadoo..... @kook_of_the_day
I highly doubt the jet ski rental place said "hey go check out the wedge" 
Summer people are here!
This couple ran their jet ski full speed into the jetty at Wedge today
Stupidity at Wedge amazes me...
Wedge and jet skis don't mix...

Below is my favorite image thus far, showing a Newport Beach lifeguard watching as this whole event went down:

The Wedge Jetski Rescue
Photo Credit: @KevinMassery


Let's face it, these 2 individuals are lucky to be alive tonight after attempting to ride a wave at The Wedge in Newport Beach during a major swell on a rental JetSki of some sort. Sources on the sand at the time of this event say the woman was the driver. I can only imagine what she was thinking as they traveled well within the impact zone. The video footage below shows a very tense situation as both the driver and passenger of the Jetski nearly get swept into the rocks. The same situation where numerous have died before. Luckily no sets came as Lifeguards reached them and pulled them to shore! Shoutout the the Newport Beach Lifeguards and other swimmers who participated in the rescue and for risking their own safety to make the rescue. The video footage and photos being posted online are crazy. As for the individuals on the JetSki, I'm not really sure what to say to you. Other than you need to start making smarter life decisions. At least they were wearing life jackets! Just glad everyone made it home safely.

For those thinking that they can "handle" The Wedge during a big swell. Think again! When the sets start rolling, there's no place to hide. And when it dishes out 8-10 wave sets, you're in for a beating that will take all your energy and leave you gasping for air no matter how experienced or in shape that you are. Here's video footage of a rescue that happened yesterday. Just watching it makes me nervous. The ocean is so so so powerful and you need to be extremely cautious in big surf. There's nothing wrong with deciding not to paddle out if you have any sort of hesitations. Be safe!

2016 Summer Gear Guide

Welcome to summer! You've made it! The time has come to pull out your collection of swim trunks, put your wetsuits in storage and head to the beach. Vitamin D is on trend and it's time to soak it up before it's gone. With this comes the need to restock on summer's most essential items. From new apparel to the most innovative skincare products to keep you looking great, I've got all the right product recommendations for this summer! So pour yourself a glass of ice cold lemonade (or Kombucha) and dig in! Enjoy!

Keep Scrolling to View Entire Gear Guide!

Featured Brands:
All Good Sunscreen
Earthly Body
Hask Beauty
Jack Black
Native Eyewear
Original Skateboards
Psycho Bunny
Rastaclat Bracelets
Real Chemistry Beauty
Revo Sunglasses
Surfside Supply

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Shorebreak | The Story of Clark Little

Newport Beach Shark Attack | May 29th 2016

Updated: 5/30/2016 @ 8:15am:
As of this morning, beaches to the North and South of Corona Del Mar continue to be closed to all swimmers as authorities continue to investigate the (possible) great white shark attack that occurred yesterday afternoon about 150 yards offshore.

No additional details have been provided as to the victim's condition, although it is believed to be a 40-50 year female long distance swimmer, who was rushed to the nearest trauma center and very likely that she underwent surgery in response to her injuries.

As the day progresses, Lifeguards are preparing to search the local beaches for the alleged shark who attacked in Corona Del Mar using both boats and helicopters in an effort to further their investigation.  Although overcast grey skies aren't helping the situation when it comes to visibility and the action of spotting a grey shark. and As for the holiday weekend, things might feel a little bit more sketchy today if you decided to venture into the water throughout many of Orange County's beaches.


Updated: 5/29/2016 @ 7:53pm:
Unconfirmed sources are now reporting that the Newport Beach Shark Attack victim was most likely transported to Hoag Hospital, where she is talking to safety personnel right now. While I can't comment on her current medical status, this is a strong indicator that her injuries are not life threatening. Meanwhile, a news correspondent for CBS is describing the injuries as "significant" from those on the beach with "large bite marks to her torso and shoulder."

In addition, KNX 1070 is now reporting that this was a Great White Shark attach in the Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar area. Although, no Great White Sharkshark was spotted during the initial boat and aircraft search in Corona Del Mar or Newport Beach.

I'll continue to update this story as more information becomes available. Stay Tuned

In the news clip below, shout-out to the girl who says it was very frustrating cause now her kids can't go in the water. I'm so sorry your beach day got interrupted...NOT! We're talking about a great white shark attack and someone who is now in the hospital...


If you are in Orange County and are planning on going surfing tomorrow, then stop reading this post immediately. Early reports are pointing to a shark attack happening somewhere between Corona Del Mar and the Newport Beach Harbor.

I was actually driving down PCH when this happened and made a comment about the helicopter hovering overhead in regards to maybe a shark sighting of some sort. Sure, enough my eire prediction was right. A woman swimming about 150 yards offshore was (allegedly) bit by a shark and was struggling to reach shore when she was assisted by lifeguards in one of their water patrol units. 

As for her injuries, she was suffering from heavy bleeding from her arm and shoulder; injuries consistent with a shark attack. Despite this, those involved seemed to be hesitant to confirm the animal that attack the swimmer. I don't like to jump to conclusions, but let's be frank about what took place. It was (most likely) a shark attack. This newport beach shark attack is the first reported incident of it's kind that I can remember in my lifetime and is a shock to many in the community. 

Even the lifeguards were keeping details under wrap by simply commenting, "I can't tell you. All I can say is there's blood out there somewhere in the water. We need everybody out of the water." Since the alleged shark attack at 4:15pm on May 29th 2016 in Corona Del Mar, no update has been provided as to the victims condition. All we know is that the beaches have been closed and will remain closed for the very popular holiday weekend. 

2016 Mastin Labs Lightroom Presets | Coming Soon

Despite the ever growing capabilities of digital camera's, the desire for film-like photos continues to drive the photography industry. It's a rare role reversal where we love the new, but miss the old. In a strange way though, technology is solving a problem that technology created. Meet Kirk Martin, the man behind Mastin Labs, which has developed some of the most realistic photo emulation presets available to photographers today.

No matter what your film preference is, they've got it:
Ilford HP5 – 35mm & Medium Format 
Ilford PanF – 35mm & Medium Format 
Ilford Delta 3200 – 35mm & Medium Format 

Portra 160 
Portra 400 
Portra 800 

Fuji 160NS 
Fuji 400H (Neutral) 
Fuji 400H (Blue)

Stay tuned for a brand new series that provides an in-depth look at Mastin Labs Film Presets!

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The Latest Release | The Surf Ranch (Kelly Slater)

Like a powerful public relations agency, Kelly Slater is running a textbook campaign for promoting the Kelly Slater Wave Co. which was just sold to the World Surfing League. With new videos, limited information and a hope that we'll all be able to surf it in the near future; surfers around the world are now fixated on Kelly Slater. His wave pool is mesmerizing. And the world's best surfers can't get enough. Anyone ready for a road trip to Lemoore, California? WaveGarden sure seemed to have a headstart on the artificial wave industry, but they seem to be outpaced by Kelly Slater and his all-star team. 

Keep in mind that The Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California has only been in operational status since late 2015. As summer quickly approaches, I'm sure we'll see additional footage that makes it look even more inviting as the water and air temperatures continue to increase; a place where summer temperatures hover around 100F. Up next, The Kelly Slater Public Relations Firm. Time to start taking notes. Cheers.

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Coming Soon: 2016 Summer Gear Guide

I'm pretty stoked on my latest project that's been consuming most of my free time, which is the 2016 Summer Gear Guide! It's on the heels of a very successful 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and this one's sure to be just as good. Between curating the guide, coordinating with the brands and designing the entire book; it's an intensive project and summer is quickly approaching.

With the last few products arriving this week and an All-Star list of brands/products, it's going to be fantastic. We're talking about the latest products just in time for summer. I'm most excited about the wide range of products spannig multiple industries and sectors. There's literally something for everyone. Stay tuned because it will be launching soon. In the mean time, I'm back to designing. Cheers!

World Surf League Buys the Kelly Slater Wave Co.

Kelly Slater's bank account got a big deposit after officially announcing that the WSL has purchased the Kelly Slater Wave Company. While financial details surrounding this acquisition were not immediately available, they are surely more than one ever needs to comfortably retire. This now means that the WSL & Kelly Slater Wave Co. are now sister companies within WSL Holdings. 

There's so many things to discuss here that are super exciting. For starters, the amount of additional resources and funding that are going to be spent in the coming years to really dial in the technology and multiple wave pools around the world is staggering. There's no doubt that the WSL Championship Tour will soon have a stop at one of these locations as well. It's another tough hit for WaveGarden, who's yet to make a video or any promotional materials such as Kelly's wave. Or maybe people like the "Kelly Stamp of Approval". Last, it means Kelly Slater can get back to doing what he does best; winning world titles

As for what he's planning on doing with the money from this acquisition, I'm hoping he sends a modest $1,000,000 my way! Cheers. 

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153F and Still Breathing

It’s Friday night. It’s been a long week and I’m stuck sitting for the next 45 minutes with nothing to do. Sure, I’m watching the heat analyzer on the WSL website but I can’t take my mind off the current situation. 

My mind races. Why am I even here? Will the benefits really help my performance? What am I thinking? Perhaps it’s the small space that I’ve managed to get myself into. Or the simple fact that I’ve yet to have a glass of red wine yet! Nor am I out with my friends. Whatever it is, I’m becoming more and more thirsty as the time goes on. Did I mention it’s 153F degrees inside this wood panel 4 sided box? 

Okay, so maybe this into was a little dramatic but I wanted to set the stage for what it’s like to spend 20-60 minutes inside my new infrared sauna. The longer you go, the faster your brain goes. The more you feel alive and connected to your body’s every move. The more you sweat. And man, you sweat a lot. 

To some it’s unpleasant. To others, it’s a challenge. I view it as a experience and health experiment. An opportunity to train my body to deal with heat, stress and situations it does not encounter in my daily life. However you see it, you need to buy yourself a sauna! The results are so worth the investment.

First and foremost, I’ve yet to get sick since using the sauna 6-14 times per week. Yes, sometimes I go 2x per day. Why? Because the heated environment artificially stimulates the affect of having a fever so your body is constantly defending it’s well being and killing any viruses that pose a threat to your immune system. 

Second is the detox effects from sweating so much. Since Infrared sauna’s heat the interior of your body and not just your skin, it’s much more effective at eliminating anything your body hasn’t properly processed or disposed of. Studies include big words like heavy metals, environmental toxins and a variety of fear inducing terms. All I care about is providing my body the ability to properly function and eliminate anything harmful in a productive manner. 

Third, is the ability to increase your heart rate in a controlled environment without any physical movement. It’s incredible how your heart rate increases as time goes on, a sign that your body is working to keep itself from overheating. These results have a variety of benefits ranging from a reduced risk of heart attack after continual use, to burning quite a few calories ever time you do a sauna session. 

Last but not lease, infrared sauna’s have a remarkable ability to eliminate stress. After a long day at work, I can jump in and forget about the to-do list items that are calling my name or the “life” decisions that I’ve been losing sleep over. Stepping into a sauna on a daily basis (or 2x a day) allows you to relax, find a new perspective and reduce your stress levels. 

Let’s be clear, I’m not going all new-age or promising the world with consistent sauna usage, but I sure think it makes a positive difference. While it might be strange or unpopular here in the USA as a mainstream practice, internationally they are a huge hit and for good reason. Maybe we can learn something from them. Cheers!

Surfing Australia's Finest Slab

Villager Goods | Brand Preview 2016

While the excitement surrounding Villager Goods continues to build as details slowly emerge about the new brand, much is still unknown besides the fact that they will be launching later this year. And of course the whole basis of a surf brand, owned by a collective of professional surfers. However, I recently tracked down the trademark information which provides a little more information about the brand. 

First and foremost, their trademark extends to “clothing for men, women and children.” A fact which isn’t surprising since Taj Burrow is a new father. In addition, the trademark application wasn’t submitted until 4/6/2016 which seems kinda late considering when news first broke surrounding the brand. Last but not least, their attorney is Thomas J. Speiss, III who is a lawyer in Newport Beach, California and specializes is intellectual property types of law. 

As for what the brand aesthetic will be, it’s opening collection’s price point and the launch date; we’re still in the dark. However, I’ll be sure to bring you all the breaking news regarding Villager Goods as soon as it becomes available. Let’s just hope it’s not a repeat of Outer Known!

Villager Goods Trademark

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Birdwell Britches x RVCA Capsule Collection | 2016

Birdwell Britches has really stepped up their game and brought their business into the 21st century, since bring on a new team to run the day to day operations in 2014. And let me tell you, they are killing it. There website, advertising, creative content and more is all on brand and consistent; something that was missing in prior years. Grayson Morris (CEO) and Natas Kaupas (Creative Director) both have years of experience and seem to have a great vision for bringing the company to a large base of potential clients.

Handmade in Santa Ana, California, each pair of Birdwell Britches are made from classic two-ply nylon which is extremely durable and comfortable. It's why lifeguards up and down the coast wear them while on duty and classic long boarders keep a couple of pairs in their closet. While many brands try to replicate old school trends and styles, Birdwell Britches hasn't changed their main product offerings since 1961, which makes them both authentic and retro.

Most recently, Birdwell Britches launched a capsule collection with RVCA for the Spring of 2016. Featuring a variety of products, all made here in the USA, Click here to start shopping! The collaboration turned out great and is just in time for summer. Stock up on the essentials today!

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Surf with Mick Fanning | Huntington Beach Pier

This Event is Tomorrow -> Friday, April 22nd at 8am

Come down to the Huntington Beach Pier first thing tomorrow morning and surf with 2 absolute legends; Mick Fanning and Taylor Knox. The shred fest will begin at 8am on the south side, so don't be late. Heck, call in sick to work or go into the office late! The waves have been pumping lately and it looks like conditions will be somewhat decent, although the high tide will pose a challenge to those who don't normally surf HB pier. Check out the full forecast here! Either way, it's a chance to surf with a couple pros, share some waves and enjoy our summer-like weather. Cheers!

"Ever wanted to surf with your idols? Here's your chance! Join us at 8AM on Friday for a shred with @mfanno and @taylor_knox on the south side of the #HuntingtonBeach Pier! See you there! #justpassingthrough"

- @Reef