GoPro HERO 4

It seems that GoPro can do no wrong these days! First the go public and are met with outstretched arms by investor. Now they announce the GoPro HERO 4 camera series, which is met with excitement by fans, industry insiders and professional athletes. It must be nice to be winning so much, as the team at GoPro has been experiencing lately.

While there are numerous features, upgrades and innovations that are included with the GoPro HERO 4 which I could highlight, I think it is best to link to some of the best articles and product pages for you to explore on your own time. Enjoy!

Kameleonz Sunglasses

Nothing suits a beach outfit better than a great pair of sunglasses. Besides giving you the cool summer look, sunglasses also protect your eyes from UV rays and help you relax on the beach. On the other hand, the biggest problem about sunglasses is that most cannot afford to buy too many high-quality pairs to match all their outfits. A recently established American brand called Kameleonz wants to change the way you think about beach sunglasses. 

The founders of Kameleonz understand you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of sunglasses that could easily get broken. Their products are designed for average people but with an active lifestyle, who like to relax on the beach after work. The mentality behind Kameleonz is “Work hard, play hard” and their products are dedicated to those who love outdoor activities such as surfing, swimming, cliff jumping and waterskiing. 

What makes Kameleonz sunglasses so different? The brilliant idea that this company’s founders had in 2013 was designing a pair of affordable sunglasses with interchangeable frames in various colors, a concept which gave the name of the brand too. The side arms are easy to detach and you can replace them with parts in dozen other colors. Moreover, side arms are made of a very durable plastic that will not deteriorate in time. Their lenses offer full UV 400 protection and the hinges are super durable, too. So buy one pair of glasses today and match them to any outfit or mood!

Kameleonz Sunglasses

Kameleonz Sunglasses

Summer Cruisin' | Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

Sally Fitzgibbons | 2014 Women's World Title Race

Despite being just 23 years of age, Sally Fitzgibbons is considered a veteran on the ASP Women's World Tour where she has had a range of results. Most notable is being the runner up for the World Title on more than one occasion; much like fellow Australian Taj Burrow. 

But perhaps the 2014 season will yield a much different result for Sally Fitgibbons who is surfing really good thus far. She is by far the fittest surfer on tour and has a great support system behind her, including her Dad who travels with her throughout the year. 

At the last event, the 2014 Swatch Women's Pro in San Clemente, Sally finished in second place. This gave her enough points to take the lead in the world title race and one step closer to winning her first ASP World Title. There will surely be a lot of media attention directed at Sally Fitzgibbons coming into the upcoming event, but I think that she has a great shot at maintaining her lead if you can ignore the attention and focus on surfing well; something she has been doing all year.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Neuro Drinks | Drink With A Purpose

Everything becomes a challenge, in a fast-paced world which values success more than anything. No matter what your role is, a householder or a business manager, efficiency is always the principle you struggle to follow. On the other hand, our bodies and minds may not keep up with our plans all the time, so what can you do to get the most out of your days and nights, while being relaxed and healthy? The answer is Neuro Drinks, which I first leasrned about a couple weeks ago when a local PR Agency in LA sent me a box of samples! What’s so great about these drinks is that they can help you in a variety of difficult situations whether you are trying to sleep better, enhance your immunity, relax or simply feel energized. 

They have a variety of products, that all taste amazing. Not to sugary or strong, which is exactly how I like it. The Neuro Sleep flavors will offer you a good night’s sleep in a natural way, while eliminating the morning drag caused by usual sleep aids. The Bliss variety helps you relax and refocus using natural ingredients. On the opposiate spectrum, if your problem is the lack of energy, go for Neuro Sonic, which is nothing like typical energy drinks and helps you regain your ideal energy levels without feeling agitated and feeling worse after the effect wears out. Last but not least is Neuro Daily, which offers an immunity boost using vitamins and natural immunity enhancers; something which is very valuable when traveling for long periods of time. 

Perhaps the biggest questions is why should you go for Neuro instead of coffee, energizers, vitamins or traditional sleeping aids? Because Neuro is completely natural and doesn’t use substances which force your body to sleep, focus or feel energized. There are no side effects to these drinks and calorie content is low (35 calories per bottle). Did I mention the great taste? Next time you are looking for a refreshing drink, skip the soda or energy drink and opt for a Nuero!


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