Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins | 3D Fins

3D Fins is an innovative company comprised of surfers based in Western Australia who specialize in surfboard fins. Their products have surpassed surfer's expectations and provided a whole new level of surfing. The founder and designer of 3D Fins, Courtney Potter, created their Dimple Technology that is unlike any other fin on the market and is personally endorsed by Josh Kerr. 

I was lucky enough to get a pair of their brand new Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fin sets and gave them a try on my 5'9 quad shortboard; which previously had entry level fins. Based on my experience, these fins provide nothing short of a spectacular ride. Something I noticed after just one surf session. These fins give you speed and drive that other surfboard fins are unable to provide. 

When I was testing these fins, I was able to accelerate out of my turns quicker and made sections that I never dreamed of making before. Did I mention I was surfing a local beach break with marginal 2-3 foot waves? If you find yourself wishing you could outrun long sections, make more barrels and displace more water with your turns, then the Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins are what you need! 

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

Moonrakerr XDS Quad Fins Review

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Here is a look back at some recent products that I have reviewed in the past couple months. Whether you have some extra cash that you are looking to spend or simply want to start your christmas shopping early, these are some great brands that make some great products!

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It's My 21st Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I am turning 21 years old! It's crazy how fast time flies! This past year has been full of new adventures, unexpected friendships and a lot of great memories. I hope this upcoming year will be the same. Cheers!

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With a 2-1 comeback victory in the third period at last night's game, the Anaheim Ducks were able to pull out a victory against the Minnesota Wild in a very exciting and tense Home Opener at the Honda Center! 

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Lakey Peterson & Harry Styles go Hiking

Professional surfers often have very interesting social circles compared to the normal individual. They are stuck somewhere between having normal friends back home and fully embracing the celebrity lifestyle that comes from being a well known individual both in the real world and on social media.

The perfect example being when it was rumored that John John Florence had dated Taylor Swift. Or Jordy Smith who married supermodel Lyndall Jarvis. It's clear that as surfing grows, so does one's ability to meet, mingle and befriend Hollywood celebrities.

The latest to join this crew is Lakey Peterson, who posted a picture on Instagram with Harry Styles from One Direction earlier this week. Let that sink in! The two went hiking in Los Angeles and seemed to have a good time. It is unknown how the two originally met, but sources close to the two say they are strictly friends.

Lakey Peterson & Harry Styles go Hiking

East Dane Friends & Family Sale | Fall 2014

This Sale is Now Live - Use Coupon Code "FAMILY25"

If you need to restock your closet and like saving money, then tomorrow’s big event will make you really happy. It’s the Family and Friends at East Dane. This means that you can get 25% off storewide (excludes a handful of luxury brands), including items that are already on sale. 

This is the perfect time to stock up on fall essentials or even get ahead of the curve for christmas presents! Best of all, East Dane carries a variety of surf apparel brands including Onia Swimwear, Quiksilver, Mollusk and more! 

The sale starts tomorrow at 7am EST and will go through October 18th! Keep in mind that a lot of inventory is sold during this two day event and things will sell out! 

 When checking out, make sure you use the code FAMILY25 to get the discount!

East Dane 25% Off Coupon

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