107 Acres for Sale on the North Shore of Oahu

Robert McKnight, CEO of Quiksilver Inc., is selling his 107 acre parcel of land on Oahu’s North Shore for $15 million. Directly across from Hawaii's famed Sunset Beach in the "Sunset Beach Vistas" and just a short bike ride to the other world class waves that the North Shore offers, this is a surfer's paradise. The property is currently approved for subdivision with a maximum of 4 homes to be surrounded by organic agricultural farms, equestrian amenities and more. According to Zillow, this plot of land sold for a mere 335,000 back in 2002 so Mr. McKnight is looking to make a large profit. From a investment perspective, the possibilities are endless. A major surf brand could buy it and develop a live-in training center for their top athletes or a real estate developer could build a beautiful collection of homes to sell directly to the public. 15 million dollars sure is a sizable investment, but 107 acres is an insane amount of land to own on the North Shore in front of one of the most recognizable waves in the world!

59-178 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96712

100 Acres for Sale on the North Shore of Oahu

2015 Holiday Gift Guide | A Hand Curated Collection

To be honest, I'm a fan of online shopping. Being part of a generation who has been at the forefront of the internet, mobile shopping and social media, it makes sense to me. No lines, no crowds and items are rarely out of stock. I can literally watch Netflix and get all of my Christmas shopping completed in a single night.

And while the ability to shop whenever, from wherever continues to drive this trend, it can often be hard to find the perfect holiday gifts for those in your life. Does it sound counter intuitive? Of course! But so many choices makes shopping that much more of a challenge. That's why the 2015 Favorite Waves Holiday Gift Guide is the best resource for this year's holiday shopping. I've hand curated all of the brands, personally tried each product and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Whether you are looking for some quality clothing, rejuvenating skincare products or some everyday essentials, this gift guide has what you are looking for!

For Surfers - Use the gift guide to discover new brands, try new products and do a little shopping for yourself. Also make sure to send it to your parents and grandparents as a hint as to what you want for Christmas. Many don't have any idea of what to buy you, so make their life a little easier this year and send them the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

For Parents, Grandparents, Significant Others etc - Use this guide to help you select the perfect gift for the surfer/s in your life. Each product has been hand selected by surfers, for surfers so you really can't go wrong. The gift guide features a wide array of brands, both inside and outside the traditional surf industry.

In closing, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for stopping by. Whether you have been a long time reader or are visiting my blog for the very first time, I'm really glad you stopped by. I hope that as we approach the holiday season, that your focus is on spending time with those who mean the most   to you and reflecting on the great year that 2015 has been thus far. Cheers!

What are you waiting for? Start Shopping!

Download the 2015 Favorite Waves Holiday Gift Guide

Bentonite Clay Mask for Surfers

If you are looking to achieve clear and glowing skin, then look no further than a homemade bentonite clay mask. It's my newest obsession and for good reason! For starter's, it's super easy and inexpensive to make. You can get 16 Oz for under $20 on Amazon! Best of all, you use very little clay for each pre-made batch!  I make the face mask using my magic bullet blender, by mixing the power with water until the right consistency is achieved. One batch can last 2-3 weeks. Apply it to your face and let it dry, which usually takes about 30 minutes. Rinse off and your face will feel fresh and clean. What makes bentonite clay so special is that it draws out toxins from the skin while leaving your skin soft and smooth. And trust me, this stuff works better than any other natural stuff that I've tried before.

Spending time in the sun, immersed in salt water and lathered with sunscreen, a surfer's skin sure does put up with a lot of adversity. Give it a break by starting to use a daily or weekly Bentonite Clay Mask. You'll be surprised by how quickly your complexion improves and your new glowing appearance. I've been using the DIY Bentonite Clay Mask once per day for the past 2 weeks and the results speak for themselves. Many suggest only doing a mask 1-2 times per week, but it really just comes down to your personal preference. Whatever you choose, I doubt you'll regret the $20 investment.

Salty Sea Pig | Fall 2015

Trying to describe this video certainly won't do it justice. Part documentary, part life.

Life's Full of Inspiration

As I make the transition from going to school at Cal State Fullerton, to working full time I've (surprisingly) had more time to explore and enjoy new inspiration in my day to day life. Though I've been a longtime listener of Tim Ferriss's podcast, I've found his recent episodes to be exceptionally thought provoking. I'm currently listening to the episode with Nasty Gal's founder, Sophia Amoruso and it's fascinating. In the book department, I just started reading 10% Happier and am hooked after the first two chapters. Last but not least, I've been watching This is Life With Lisa Ling, which I'd describe as a modern 60 Minutes type TV series. As for you, now it's just time to decide what to read, watch or listen to next.  

NLand Surf Park Jobs | Austin, Texas

If you haven't been following the progress at the NLand Surf Park in Austin, Texas then you may be unaware that they are currently doing their first public round of hiring for a variety of full time positions. Not only are we talking about an excuse to move to Austin, Texas but also a super neat job opportunity. Sign me up! If you have experience in Finance, Marketing, Operations or Human Resources, than you ought to apply. What I like about the NLand Surf Park is that the application is short and to the point. They are seeking talented individuals who (I would guess) have some sort of interest in surfing and the growth of artificial waves.

NLand Surf Park is being built in conjunction with the WaveGarden technology, so the opportunity to work at the first surf park here in the United States could definitely open the door to additional opportunities in the coming years as these surf parks become more common around the world. For those of you unfamiliar with the NLand Surf Park in Austin, Texas, it's going to produce 300 waves per hour reaching heights of up to 6 feet with perfect shape. Best of all, the entire surf park will be right around 9 football fields in size, so there will be plenty of space to surf no matter what your skill level is.

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Wanna Be That Song | Brett Eldredge

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Growing up as a writer, I was always told to have a beginning and ending planned out before starting a new article, essay etc. But after spending time with the crew at Toes on the Nose, there is just to much to write about to have a pre-planned ending. 

Located in the heart of Costa Mesa's industrial hub alongside Tsovet Watch, RVCA, Vestal and many other surf brands, Toes on the Nose has one of the coolest plots of land, complete with oceans views and a refreshing sea breeze. Driving down the long driveway to the warehouse reveals a 2 story building that is the Toes on the Nose headquarters. Step inside and you are greeted by the authenticity that makes Toes on the Nose so special. With rows and rows of inventory carefully sorted by size, and a large shipping prep area, I can only imagine what this place must be like during the holiday rush.

After spending some time walking around, you'll also notice the surfboards stored overhead; some classic single fins and other's that are still rideable on a daily basis. Today I am being given a tour by Summer Watson, the marketing director; and Rio (the dog), who spends his day's cruising around the office and occasionally going outside for some fresh air. Past the stockroom is a shared space that is home to a small wine and beer store that is only open on the weekends. Fun, right? Most intriguing is the backroom filled with building materials and signs; a place where custom displays used to be built for each Toes on the Noses retailer. It's little things like this, that I love about the brand!

Upstairs is where all the designing and business takes place. You find their own photo studio, (casual) meeting table, pieces from their current collection on clothing racks and a complete archive of every article of clothing that they've ever made over the past 24+ years. It was fascinating! Perhaps the most interesting thing I learned was that each piece from their collection is made from handmade clothing patterns. When most brands simply buy a shirt and imprint their logo or design on it, Toes on the Nose continues to innovate by creating new fits, patterns and collection pieces. It's so old school and classy. I like it!

What else? With a large plot of city space behind their warehouse they have an unobstructed view of the ocean with a grassy field in the foreground. Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of it, but it was a relaxing setting as the sun was at it's peak golden hour. As you walk around it's also hard to miss their retro surf trailer that they take to local events and afternoon surf sessions at San Onofre. Stay tuned as I'm working on a piece that highlights my favorite pieces from their current collection, and they are also currently working on a women's collection for early next year. Cheers!

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Toes on The Nose | Costa Mesa, CA

Surf Skate Industries | Laguna Beach, California

Who Won? John John Florence or JetBlue

Flying with surfboards is always a risk, and often a disappointing experience when going on a surf trip. A ding here, a dent there; all fixable but nonetheless unwarranted. But for John John Florence, the stakes are much higher. We're talking about his career, a lot of money and his ability to stay on tour. So when his boards got absolutely destroyed by JetBlue earlier this week, anger and rage against the airline company filled his post's comments. John John's normal posts get between 100-200 comment's on average, but his most recent post has more than 3,400 comments. It's also caught the eye of the entire surf industry and pro surfers who are taking the moment to pour some fire on this social media fire. 

What's worse is what is happening to the JetBlue Instagram account which has been filled with terrible comments about the brand. We aren't talking about just a handful of their recent posts. We're talking about posts by JetBlue more than 20 weeks ago. They are getting absolutely destroyed and it's a PR nightmare. Obviously, this whole entire situation has gotten much larger and out of control than JetBlue probably imagined. It's a changing age with social media and when someone like John John Florence makes a post like this (which he rarely does), people take notice. 

Making a suggestion on how JetBlue could have handled the entire situation differently to avoid this situation is much more complicated than pointing the finger at a single person. It started with the baggage handlers, was escalated by the customer service reps who seemed to be uninterested in finding a reasonable resolution and was left without response by JetBlue's social media team and corporate management team. As much as I enjoy flying JetBlue for business trips (without surfboards), I doubt many surfers will choose JetBlue in the near future. You're welcome SouthWest!

But is this what JetBlue wants? Is it a remote possibility that JetBlue is uninterested in transporting our surfboards and John John's rant was the perfect uncover marketing tactic? Perhaps they see us surfers as a minor percentage of the population and not worth their time and money to repair our prized surfboards that they are damaging during their flights, as John John Florence experienced first hand. Whether their response was unplanned or intentional, scrolling through JetBlue's instagram feed and reading the comments from John John Florence's fans makes it very clear that JetBlue is experiencing the effects of viral social media posts.

Alright, so maybe I will offer a partial situation. If you damage my luggage, at least refund the cost of the items being flown to my destination. That way we aren't paying you to damage our stuff. Or better yet, offer an additional insurance policy for a reasonable fee much like the USPS does for their packages. I get that airplanes experience turbulence, are under pressure to take off quickly after boarding and government recommendations; all of which cause accidents to happen. But you have to take care of your customers and their belongings. Especially when a guy like John John Florence, who travels for a living is very experience with how to correctly pack a surfboard travel bag. 

There's only one question. Will JetBlue eventually delete all of these "hater" comments?

The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

One of my favorite things about running this blog is the opportunity to work with so many great brands each and every year. From surf industry leaders like GoPro to fashion forward brands like SLVDR, its always an honor to partner with them.

This year I am changing things up for the holiday season and will be curating my very first holiday gift guide. Now lets be clear, this isn't no cheesy photo collage or list of 10 must have products. We're talking about a professionally designed, downloadable, fully shopable, magazine-esque gift guide that will be launching later this month. Filled with hand selected products by your's truly 

It's an idea that I started working on earlier this summer and has already been wildly successful. While I won't hint at who's involved quite yet, there is a solid group of brands from a variety of industries that will be included. If everything goes as planned, this will become a semi annual release for both summer & the holiday season. And every gift guide needs a cool name right? It'll be called Favorite Waves by The Surfboard Man and I think you'll really like it. It will be clean, modern & straight forward. So get your credit cards ready because it's coming!

Great Products, Great Brands & Great Content: This is Favorite Waves

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Cozy Beach Cottage in Corona Del Mar | AirBNB

Nestled beach Newport Beach & Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar is a quirky beach town filled with long-time locals and some of the wealthiest families in Orange County. It's downtown area is made up of small shops, boutiques and numerous upscale resteraunts, while the beaches are generally pretty mellow. It's upper tier along the cliffs is perfect for watching the sunset while enjoying some pizza. 

This cozy beach cottage allows you to enjoy everything Coronia Del Mar has to offer and is only $700 per night for a 4 bedroom cottage located on Breakers Drive. It might sound a little pricy, but this is the main street overlooking the ocean and at 2,100 square feet offers more than enough room to spread out and relax. 

If you're looking to stay in Corona Del Mar, this cozy beach cottage is a great option!

3100 Breakers Dr. 
Corona Del Mar CA, 92625

Cozy Beach Cottage in Corona Del Mar

Cozy Beach Cottage in Corona Del Mar

Cozy Beach Cottage in Corona Del Mar

Cozy Beach Cottage in Corona Del Mar

Working With a Surf Photographer

Many don’t realize the complexity that is required to get those magazine quality photos that really stand out amongst the masses for surf photographs. It’s something experienced photographers do naturally, something pro surfers don’t have to worry about and novice photographers don’t even pick up on. 

This past weekend, I was shooting down at Salt Creek with a couple friends (Shoutout to Nick, Jay & Scott!) and we were able to connect on a few good waves. While the waves weren’t super consistent on a lingering swell and cloudy skies prevailed, unlike the previous day, it was nice to switch things up when I’d normally paddle out and catch a few waves 

The first is understanding the surf conditions and being able to pickup certain signs. Things like rip currents, indicator points and lineup markers will allow you to assist the surfer’s you’re working with to catch the best waves. From pointing out sets from the beach using hand signals to providing an outside perspective on how deep to sit, the verbal and non-verbal communication is key. 

Second, you need to be able to keep track of those who you are working with. Since I’ve previously surfed with Nick, Jay & Scott, keeping track of them in the lineup wasn’t a problem. Not only did they all sit together in the lineup, but I knew what their style looked like and even how they paddled. It’s the little things that keep you from loosing your subjects in a busy lineup. Third, you need to be able to predict what a surfer is going to do on a wave. As you track them on a wave, you need to know when to release your camera’s shutter to get the best shot. Being able to predict maneuvers also plays a big role in aerial maneuvers when you need to follow someone going extremely fast down the line and preparing to launch vertically. 

This also plays into where you position yourself on the beach. Are the lefts or rights better? Does your subject prefer to go one way or another. Are you looking for a barrel shot or an explosive aerial? Where is the sunlight positioned? All of these will play a role in your position of where to setup on the beach. 

What's the common theme that ties all of these points together? Awareness! Of your surroundings, the surfers you are shooting, what the conditions are and how you can mix standard photography principles with perhaps one of the most unpredictable sports to photograph.

Surf Photography Principes

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